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  1. Im afraid your going to get the same answer here as Facebook. Amateur cut gimei, nakagos not even bizen. I wouldn't put it older than 1800s
  2. Youd have to run that by Chris B. Its in RIA im sure the guy im helping wont go for extra hassle of fees n shipping to CANADA.
  3. I know ive read this before but eyes are strained, prease give me first name save me from more strain.
  4. Sorry back to org post. I feel it will show up.
  5. SHOUT OUT!!! >> Shohei Ohtani is Pitching today. Ohtani is the " Samurai of MLB Baseball " And home run leader!! At 38 now.
  6. Welcome aboard Al, enjoy your adventure on the good ship NMB.
  7. Steven maybe post the Aoi page...it might help here. For now im out!
  8. Helping buyer i know its tad over his budget...but hes in Canada so maybe you can work something out.
  9. Whats current price? Hold for few hours please researching.
  10. I think the term Island sword has become a catch-all for a lot of junk, a lot of junk repo
  11. They are closed because of covered as of now I left a message to get back with me about if the masamune is really missing or what.
  12. Tks not my guy glad i didn't say his name. Hope to make it one more time. Pint on me mate.
  13. Great fun thank you. May i ask who was supplying the mouth sanitizer? I have a good guess but dont want to say his name n be wrong.
  14. Probably is Indonesian copy of a Japanese sword. Those pix dont tell.
  15. Refresh my memory please. Which sword is it?
  16. Captain Hope you find something from Matt. I can vouch for him as im sure many others will do too.
  17. Thomas I think you have the record for digging up the dead. 😆
  18. Crude an ugly?? Only if your looking with Nihonto eyes.... I rather like rain drop Damascus pattern. That egun sites dont like to open
  19. MFer how long did that last.....i have a buyer im helping out if anyone else has like quality..... Good show Neil good show mate.
  20. Was PMd his name, lucky student... congrats on doing it the right way
  21. I always cross reference JSI as well search site. Dont know if this will help but here ya go. http://search.freefind.com/find.html?si=94437683&pid=r&n=0&_charset_=UTF-8&bcd=÷&query=Kuniyoshi
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