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  1. A couple on Yahoo one man tattoo aka Mantetsu.. it's a voice recognition thing. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/l1041219908? And one 27 + blade with a special fitting on it I hoping somebody's seen it before Bruce and I haven't it's pretty cool. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/q1041213828?lang=en&rc=yaucc_sp Best laid plans sometimes Fall apart. You main military guys let me know if you've seen that dust seppa cover. Good luck sure hope a member gets one or both !!
  2. Speaking of ...check two nice gunto im sharing here in military swords ..
  3. Nope he's doing the hokey pokey.... Put your right leg out and wave it all about https://youtu.be/pJjgxXCkMYk
  4. Who all has signed up? Giving it a try on out side chance we run into a gunto.
  5. Stefan here is a chart of the school and Yoshimune lineage. If you think it distracts ill delete. Teacher of my Hiromasa....if i was a rich man....you know how that goes id have one of each. 😂
  6. Just outstanding, i think you have opened a new way of showing detail. Great shots!
  7. Joel. Some FB condolences https://www.facebook.com/groups/1542406446018557/permalink/3092617157664137/
  8. Robert H is going to post a tribute you'll see some photos of what he looked like.
  9. Mostly it was company commanders ordering them to do so that's why you'll still see some with them on.
  10. Not his biggest footprint but a very heavy one in Nihonto world. The danger of uchiko and the damage it does to polished blades. Totally changed our way of maintenance, maybe someone else said it before but he brought the point home loud and clear. A legacy of its own.
  11. I talked to Neil in PM. He doesn't sell this quality of his collection on a whim. As one would expect it must be family first situation and it is to the 10th degree. He's a good Papa an needs support if this doesn't sell maybe I'll start to go fund me. There is a Yasunori on Yahoo thats over 4K. This is a steal at asking price. I doubt one would find a Yasukuni smith at this price point anytime soon.
  12. From FB post. Darcy was an extraordinary guy. Highly intelligent, but also ambitious. I was always impressed with how he picked himself up after losing more than most could imagine in the stock market crash. He again became successful designing iphone apps and photographing supermodels. Darcy was a true renaissance man. I consider myself lucky to have known him. I knew he could do his thing in jewelry and photography especially supermodels didn't know anything about creating apps he really was a renaissance man. I hope all his achievements come out for us to remember. One silly antidote when Darcy first approached nihonto message board as with many new members back them i took them under my wing to support. What was funny his intelligence (he learned with leaps and bounds) he soon realized he needed to seek a higher power. Hey it gave me bragging rights even ever so brief I mentored Darcy LOL LOL
  13. I love the community here. What NMB is all about.
  14. Did a search his father just died 3 months back now this. My heart goes out to the family and loved ones.
  15. So sorry to hear this Ted. My condolences to all concerned. Inconceivable.
  16. .....PS nakago may deter some bidders Nope double in price from when i showed
  17. Sumuzu Starter For 500$ just listed look for it Sunny you don't know when to shut up you need to throw all that crap out, you get hot headed chill out!
  18. PS nakago may deter some bidders
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