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  1. And a remake of it. What movie did Clint Eastwood make as a spaghetti western wher he played town bosses against each other was that few $$ more? Made from Yojimbo.. It tells the story of a rōnin, portrayed by Toshiro Mifune, who arrives in a small town where competing crime lords vie for supremacy. The two bosses each try to hire the newcomer as a bodyguard. Bruce Willis made one too set in the 30s
  2. Ron ol boy so good to see you post again. Year or two on ya but hardy a fraction of your collection. My son had some interest, but not the caretaker want to keep. Wishing you the best in your quest.
  3. Oh my God boy George drank the Kool-Aid so sad. All kidding aside I can kind of go with Nels way of saying RS. Just give me a dram to wash it down.
  4. That's was or is my response also. Think Tom has it! Third time ive tried to post this!!! 😖
  5. Yea f**k this Rin Tin Tin mumbojumbo Sorry for the opinion this is fine looking sword in type 3 mounts wink wink.
  6. Did i miss price... Distracted about the variety of swords. Cleaning of the fingerprints in the arm of the long sleeve, evoked a smile. Thanks for the link
  7. Arriving Saturday. Ill start its own thread.
  8. Lower case a? I see it loop now be so not a A
  9. High drama this morning and much panic got noticed from post office left at front door signature waved which is bogus cuz I required signature. I googled this house yesterday it's like 10 ft off the road maybe eight so here I have a picture in my mind anybody could drive by and probably reach out the window if I drove up into his yard and take the goddamn sword I will spare you the rest of the story seems his ex happened to be there. ... But at least two solid hour of shear panic is not good on the old dad's heart. Goodnight or good day whatever Walter Cronkite used to say.
  10. Just get some wool bright and wash in sink like silk panties. Thats how i do mine.... Yes thats a sit up now do the punch line.
  11. I stopped reading after the skin crawling. Pole Anyone get a Creppy feeling from M F??? I've heard it all.
  12. We bit premature mate, maybe you wait until after you get the sword LOL. Then you can tell stories. 😉
  13. yes its sword in question wanted to make sure Takeshita thanks all
  14. All i have is Hirokuni made. Please fill in blank before his name. Also trying to find Hiro kanji in E swords dont match any idea on which i should look under.
  15. Nick do you have John Yamotos book? The Samurai Sword?
  16. Why wouldn't I believe Chinese make good swords too.
  17. They all do the same as thing, i used the top one so id say A.
  18. Lightly oiled rag for nakago till red rust is gone.
  19. Looking forward to after shots. Id wipe in one direction nakago up, no back in forth. Change fold each swipe.
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