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  1. Hi Tim, Any chance of a picture of the tang please. David
  2. Military swords of Japan/ Fuller and Gregory . Hardback. £45.00 inc. UK shipping
  3. Hi, Can anybody please give me details of a UK based sword polisher. Also can I wish all on the NMB a Merry Christmas David
  4. Hi, Could anybody please help with the translation on a woodblock print David
  5. Akitombo

    Tsuba i.d.

    Kinai school, Edo period . David
  6. Akitombo

    Sukashi shape

    Grev, Kawakatsu clan I think David
  7. Cheers Steve, As I thought, it interested me as it was rather "off field" Was there ever a Yamakichibei pattern book, like the Yagyu one? David
  8. Steve, Is this one also a later revival tsuba? David
  9. Curran, Yes I agree about the Haynes catalogues, they were a moment in time, not unlike the Joly's before, knowledge moves forward. It's interesting that Robert Buraway said in "The Picture Book of Old Tsuba" that under the heading of Hoan and Yamakichibei, "Never seen a real one in the west!" Was he only thinking of the first and second? Is he right?? David
  10. Hi Steve, Yes I have a copy of your article and it has helped a lot. So do you think that tsuba, like the one I posted in this thread are made by artists with no link at all to the original Yamakichibei or each other? I love the thought of Bob's revival group. David
  11. Steve, Looking through the old Haynes catalogues, there are quite a few examples of signed Yamakichibei tsuba which Bob puts down to Norisuke II, but only with the Yamakichibei signiture on it. He also has a Dai-sho in No. 4 (1059), which he puts down to Tokyo style revival school. Would those now be placed into later Yamakichibei works? David
  12. Steve, This tsuba came from the Grey Doffin site around eight years ago, I purchased it this year. When you go on grey's site it has good photos of this one. Do all Norisuke have the top character right hand side missing? What about when the nakago has been extended to fit a new blade. I have a few more suspect one's which I will list in the morning. David
  13. Hi , This is an example of a tsuba I have which although signed Yamakichibei, I have put into the Norisuke pot. It has the Tombo and kama design on each side. The iron is good. Tekkotsu on rim/surface. It is 6.4 x 7 x 0.3 cm What's your thoughts ? David
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