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  1. Lets let the joke sink in before we stir up BS, I'm sure Pat will get it and laugh.
  2. Lovely hada, i wish he'd had burnished above the ji...but still nice.
  3. Drool all you like, the new owner knows my offer of refund if it fails shinsa. You have nothing to do with it. So see ya!
  4. Absolutely...lives for debate just like he did before. I see another time out coming.🙏
  5. Side note "Tokyo vice" dropped last night on HBO
  6. You do know Steven is no longer here right?
  7. Nice find for the Rock. Steve beat me to the rest of what i was going to ask.
  8. Someone's having fun appreciate the update.
  9. Its over in two days....very low price now....we know how fast that changes at end. I appreciate everyone's feedback, the brown border was my gut feeling it is real also. The larger slip (dont know its name) gave me pause. Ill show when its over ither way. Thank you all
  10. Must have stepped on some toes here in MSoJ. Guess i understand, didnt think it was all of them. LOL
  11. I know you guys have eyes for this.
  12. Nothing that's scary don't go freaking out, just involves a heat gun vinegar and peroxide and hot boiling water but I don't blame him wanting to do it out in the air. Process is just before mid way...when the tsubas on the hook.
  13. As expected from babadooki
  14. Gary has posted three sword so far today. Each one is garnered some kind of negativity don't know what's going on here folks. Grandma used to always say you don't have anything good to say don't say anything at all. I wish.
  15. Was that hand held or was there a tripod type stick? Sorry for my Ignorance.
  16. PS I have enjoyed your swords I believe most of this discussion should be moved elsewhere, its part of their history. One may not agree with it but it shouldn't be taken away from what it is.
  17. I haven't looked yet to see if you jave posted the guns in appropriate form but if you have not please do I want to see that massive cannon.
  18. I see Waves as well... Did you try the method i shared in PM?
  19. Yes it is. Sorry habaki is beyond my ability.... maybe if i spent the night with Nilson's...but i sold mine years ago.
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