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  1. Just in case one was getting hes hopes up.
  2. I've sold two swords to a high end collector in China. Not sure if i still have his contract info. Id have to ask him first anyway.
  3. Just dust it with a soft brush if non-metallic
  4. Maybe edit to Tsuba.. common error. Welcome to the board.
  5. Good working samurai fittings . less is MORE!
  6. https://www.raindragonfineartandantiques.com/
  7. Then repurposed https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/b521268998?
  8. Whats the biggie just make it a sticky at top Izakaya. No need to blow this up Respect for the dead.
  9. More sour grapes. Maybe keep track of seller who dont think the bids are high enough and pullthe auction in last few min. The tsuba not the point It's a fair representation of sanmai work not the best but collectible to me because of the Dragon. 3 AM closer so yes im pissed for being sure i won. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/v760389631?
  10. Was hoping that was chalk not over cleand. Workmanship of blade more important than mei.
  11. I missed the org post list. The Fimio book total waist of money if your new and looking for books IMHO you'd do well in passing on it.
  12. Johns an Marks both look to have same recessed notch. Made to aid in carry? Love yours Chris.
  13. Im still blowed away by the one you posted on Nov 15. Amazed the nakago was spared.
  14. 78.8 centimeters = 31.024 inches Nagasa
  15. Its been cut off. Once a tachi.
  16. DONT waist any money changing things. Keep it as history put it to where it is. Save that money youd spend on it to another sword to what you want. My .50 cents... inflation don't you see
  17. Looks like Nihonto to me. Shinshinto be my guess Kane ?
  18. Went back and looked at all habaki Think they sent you the other sword pix. I may be wrong. Silver on the yasukuni blade Copper on Mantetsu
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