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  1. Lol didn't like my joke huh....no respect i get no respect. 😂
  2. Stephen

    Value reduced?

    Yep im sure Dale has it. Tks mate, en all who posted.
  3. Kenny its hard to say, when i was 36 i married a 18 yer old. Of course it was a total disaster but she was so adept at playing the piccolo ... I ah won't go there. 😉
  4. He ask you if you want to cancel. If you say yes then its over OR you can string him along. 😉
  5. Stephen

    Value reduced?

    Tks all...lets see if the holes keep the bidding down. Interesting Barry it's the same tsuba in different medium, I still wonder a purpose for the spiky teeth?
  6. Stephen

    Value reduced?

    Love this and not really bothered by the two holes. Just wondering if wanting to move later if it greatly reduces value. And you tsuba guys what's with the teeth on the one ana, anything functional?
  7. Caught me again....read the date Stephen read the date first🤬!!! 💩 🔥 save matches!
  8. Hugh cant take a joke? My son say im too picky in looking at women, chides me wanting younger i say 44s not young...better than wanting two 22 yerold.
  9. I like your pick up. Only one far photo of saya. Hard to tell problem. Id use saddle soap per can directions. Looking for a find like this as well...esp low cost part 😆
  10. Lol for the same reason you havent...and I. 😆 😂 Broke or other commitments.
  11. Forgot the Canadian postage....i was thinking USPS...silly me. To eager to help. Sorry. 🙏🙏 PS...what is this sex life you speak of? 76 here....foggy memory thinks ther was something about that in my late 50s lol
  12. Ronnie mate Do ship usps? Click n ship is the way to fly, unless your sending express, customs info is built into the lable. I hate hate hand filling CF pain n the arse...id be much harsher on members if i was dealing with what you are. Best sir hope it gets better.
  13. Sooo happy for you Brian, after all these years looking for you to have you find in your back yard so to speak. Great karma....going to be spectacular when finished.
  14. I knew Larry for a great many years I first met him in Chicago at my first show I had a set up and they had closed the room up and I didn't know, security wasn't letting anybody in I tried to get in and they ushered me out, I said that's kind of rude , there was this guy with kind smile and said come on over to the room I'll show you some swords I and a few other guys went to his room and that's where I fell in love with real Nihonto not just swords I bought and sold over the years at gun shows but the real deal I'll never forget Larry's kindness considered him a great friend, rest in peace my brother
  15. What became of the Kiyomaro, did it get polished n papers?
  16. Great looking tachi Ed, been looking for one myself. Sorry cant help with mei.
  17. https://www.google.com/search?q=irori+table&tbm=isch&hl=en-US&chips=q:irori+table,g_1:traditional:i8fRZ2VTlQQ%3D&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjQ9tyq6L3zAhVMYqwKHVtlDZ0Q4lYoAXoECAEQBw&biw=412&bih=757#imgrc=gpn9kQXaI7tYaM
  18. Yes used for the inside floor cooker dont know the name. I would think a tribute we know how many fake kotetsu fire hachi are out there...lol
  19. Bragging rights at the campfire, lol fun item. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/u1009968842?
  20. It was eleven years ago, hopefully someone melted the Frankenstein 👎👇👇 fncking nuts on that POS.
  21. not sure how youd find it with Marks link. should be a bit quicker here
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