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  1. I looked for the poster Hawley put out years ago. I remember the 5-7 plates forge...if not the same chart...do a search on your own.
  2. Don't look poor at all. Fine blade bro.
  3. Often the area under the habaki will show activity of what you may have if polished. Being a big Emura fan (sold one for 3K) im in have a togi give it a once over to give idea of cost. It may be sticker shock but when that wears off and you go through the waiting game ...worst part for me....when you get the first look of transformation....it will all be forgotten.
  4. Bob I paid a extra $25 when he made a update few years back. Not sure i think its still $100. You guys are shaming me lol. I commit to a order when available.
  5. I got a very prompt refund. Tks Markus.
  6. so happy for your good luck...very cool.
  7. Take a wooden spoon or like object. Tap nakago untill red bubble rust falls off ...take a old T-shirt and lightly oil it. Wipe down change fold repeat until no more red rust show's on T. When you have a nice dark patina... you'll know you have saved the nakago from being eaten up. You can oil the blade the same...diff T....wipe up change fold repeat until you have a light film...no droplets. Good project ther. PS put some white paper on table. Tap light the saya. Opening down...see if debris falls out keep doing until it stops you don't want to put a oily blade back in to pick up grit and grime.
  8. Best contact for refund. I gave $125 can use money now, reorder when its available.
  9. https://markussesko.com/2014/09/01/ryukyuan-swords-and-japans-foreign-trade-loophole/
  10. Heaven forbid anybody Google Okinawa Japanese swordsmith. https://www.stripes.com/living/lifestyle/okinawa-s-only-sword-maker-a-far-cry-from-hollywood-image-1.52421
  11. Just buy one from Ray in Florida rent a boat zip over probably bout same cost... 😂
  12. https://new.uniquejapan.com/home/. Pablo used to sell there and have shows there you could ask him he'd probably tell you for sure.
  13. Afu reported to me once their was a womam smith.
  14. Many moons ago I was selling swords at gun shows. A fellow and that is speaking nicely of him was selling those $185 Japanese swords you see on eBay... Etched hamon and all. What he was selling them for was about five markup. I watched one guy go to the ATM machine and pull out more than a few hundreds go back to his table. He made his deal and I caught up with him going out the door and told him I said you're not buying real Japanese sword. The crushed look across his face you would have thought I said there's no Santa Claus Easter Bunny or the magic pumpkin. I learned then and there let them learn the hard way, someday he'll go to sell it and the lesson will stick a lot harder.
  15. They stopped once because of COVID-19...then came back. Fog of war is a bit thicker. Maybe Pat can tell us all when it will all end.
  16. Oh great Karnak will there be nuclear war?
  17. https://www.dhl.com/jp-en/home/get-a-quote.html. Nothing but good ( faster than EMS) from Japan to Iowa
  18. Doc has it....i use trifecta 😉
  19. Lol Bruce gets all the love....lol
  20. If only i could brother if only i could.
  21. https://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/39126-early-mounts-mantetsu-sword-for-sale/
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