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  1. Looking forward to after shots. Id wipe in one direction nakago up, no back in forth. Change fold each swipe.
  2. Norimitsu is now on hold, member for five years, so he just made the cut. Plus he's very enthusiastic about being a caretaker of this bit of History. Going to be tough boxing this ol friend. Mark ther would not have been a problem.
  3. To all perspective buyers, the only way ill ship is USPS reserved which may take a few extra day do to it being locked up at each stop. Fully insured. If you do decide to return it must be returned in the same fashion. If not and i find it on door step ther will be a penalty. Red card outed...lol
  4. PM please which member advised.... nothing stinks ...yet. lol
  5. Closer look i agree with Geraint. Sword looks to have a fantastic hamon, more so than mine.
  6. Kake were mentioned in another post. This could be part of the deal. It would require its own shipping box paid for by buyee.
  7. Mr Big both Kake were sold with other sale's. See for sale ad for what i do have.
  8. Please consider registered mail. https://www.stamps.com/usps/registered-mail/ It has its own room, when you drop off at PO, each time it's handled it has to be signed for and noted who did it. UPS store is a racket, they rip you off in price. One of the few things I've lost was via UPS store.
  9. Niji mei Norimitsu 64 cm. Polished by Woddy Hall. Saya by John T. In stone finish. Tsuka with crain f/k wich have hozon paper. Tadpole menuki, frog in the reeds tsuba, lined up the fuchi crain is about to feast on frog. Remarkably good shape for being close to 600yer old. No chips or kizu, boshi in tact. May be a pit are two but nothing distracting. Was slated for shinsa that did not happen. Price reflection do to lack of papers. This restoration was the labor of love through some trials and tribulations with the tsuka in Japan being wrapped. Time in money wont be recoped. Sorry im going to be very selective on who I approve to purchase. If I haven't known you for years on the board you must have a reference from someone in the Nihonto community, trust me they must carry some weight. $4200 shipped to my mates across the pond i cant offer a refund policy. I hope you understand. State side im offering a three day grace. Must have back in hand same as i sent to be refunded minus shipping cost. Many pic to come please give me some time before posting.
  10. If one gets his swords back within a year you are doing very very good. PS It's one of the most exciting days of your life.
  11. Thats Woody s recommendation for showato
  12. Probably Woody, he doesn't do W W2 blades anymore unless big name smith. https://www.facebook.com/woody.hall.54
  13. Got to subtract 1: Showa 18 year 9 month is 1926 + 18 - 1 = 1943, September. Sept 1943 simplify things by starting with 1925 that's how I was taught. when born in Japan your one years old
  14. Yes but i dont have his contact info. Id check Northern California club someone will get you the number.
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