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  1. http://www.japaneseswordindex.com/naga.htm
  2. Cant be just a bracelet can it? There's a hole under his chin that looks like it might serve a purpose also. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/n507340569/detail
  3. Sorry mate the time zones got ya, you'll be in mind if another comes my way. Sold
  4. On hold for Kat. You have my PP hun. Ill get it ready in morning. Go out tomorrow 😊
  5. Can't add pix on other sale so repop here. If your into Mino swords a must have book. Comes with supplement. $105. Shipped PayPal friends
  6. Wanted to add list of swordsmiths but maxed out. Hope i can add more tomorrow.
  7. Why should you buy S&S let me count the why's
  8. Ask Peter Bleed about gun shows in Iowa. Good ratio of swords for sell then. In fact a national treasure was found there right Pete
  9. I have sword n same* coming tues. I know it has a long list of mandates pertaining to what could be carried. Ill look for beards n such and let you know.
  10. Pete in 1970 I was still in the Marines. In 2006 when I started this thread I had just finished half triathlon working on a full one. Today I can't walk the full length of a big box store without having to s*** my pants I'd just as soon go back to the 70s Who digs up the past is sure to repeat it.
  11. Buyer got a very good sword from a great lineage. HiromasaGenealogy (1) (1).pdf
  12. Oh sorry I missed the shot of no date side. What is the medium coverage of wing part?
  13. I don't see any evidence pertaining to what you think it is or was. Is there a date on other side? I don't think a shows stamp blade being carried as such.
  14. Bruce as and Bugs. I have no such campaign. It's a good tool I only object when there back to back ...I just read it no need to read again and again. Quote away ...I'll bow out clumsley.
  15. A heads up,book to come in a week or so. It will be in FS section @ $200 shipped. lots good stuff in here. List of all the shorting mandates, and much more. plastic will be removed and cleaned with leather cleaner. Also Mino to w/ supplement by Cox pic to come. $125 shipped
  16. Respect to LK....but his word is not gospel. Lots wondering n guessing going on.
  17. Thanks my tomodachi
  18. Reported Kiyomiya confirm please
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