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  1. Ok after no thought at all I'll not use RTT Too obscure I think I'll change it to Ren and Snippy RS right
  2. Thank you both. I think I looked for downloads the other day and couldn't find them I'll check again.
  3. George he it got month or so ago when i uncovered it. (Rin Tin Tin was a famous dog in a 1950's western series.) Its a joke i don't like calling type 3 RS mounts. Read around and you'll get it.
  4. Outstanding “Sakanazukushi” Themed Pair of Japanese Swords, NBTHK Documented as an “Especially Precious” Ranked Daisho Set Price Realized: $97,750
  5. It is what it is. 40+ post on it slept hour or so 60+ post, didn't care to read anymore troll's wanting to impress somebody Chris? I don't know so i deleted it. Its a fine sword indeed. Now if i could get it to grow a inch. Ol mates down under Bazza? Or King Trotter ? Schooled me on shorter blades so im learning my lesson. Or trying too.
  6. Nice hamon activity...and mei from 7 years old post
  7. Just in Star stamp Hirokuni. In Rin Tin Tin mounts 😜 竹下宏國作之 - Takeshita Hirokuni saku kore (kore [w]o saku). Also reported to sign Takeshita Yasukuni. Enjoying new sword, no good photos of mei yet. Catching major flack on Chris Bowen's page saying over cleaned. Soon to come
  8. Don't have a clue of what the stamped numbers on the nakago's Ah that would be Bruce
  9. Can you tell a bit more on the forge. I did fail looking it up. Known smith?
  10. Tks for sharing, one of the nicest cut mei on Navy SS blade I've ever seen.
  11. Yes one would really want a long labor of love for saving old soldiers.
  12. actually a little something for everyone. Mantetsu, Starstamp Masashige, ect https://jacksonsauction.com/catalogs/2021/SEP/search/
  13. Id not hesitate using Moses for the right sword if I had the money. https://www.facebook.com/moses.becerra/videos/632153650149787/
  14. The papers Steve M show in the link should pretty much end the discussion. I've been into Nihonto for close to 30 years and I still make mistakes. I don't know what you paid but you're not getting ripped off with the Kunimori.
  15. Your set on what you want to believe, far be it form me to try to change your mind. Im out
  16. Cory i take that back. It must of escalated after I left I'll go try to find it. Do NOT dismiss Chris B opinion. He's top authority on blades of that era. Id read the above link Mywei posted. Is that everything you can learn about your sword is in that .
  17. You're not going to get a lot of different response than Facebook what's already been told to you
  18. BTW Yojimbo is on HBO/MAX for the time being. Last Man Standing (1996) A 1996 remake of Yojimbo starring Bruce Willis and Christopher Walken, and written and directed by Walter Hill. Last Man Standing moves the samurai story into a prohibition era town in Texas, where gangsters, bootleggers and prostitutes abound.
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