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  1. Not after you have used it for some time. If there's something blocked in your request to remove you'll get an automated robot answer we're not allowed to blah blah blah blah and second and third request you'll get a life person. Emura is gaining some following in Japan.
  2. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/b1042814867/detail
  3. Don't get much sweeter than this. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/b1042814867?
  4. RIA dont out right call them real. What do you expect a auction house to do?
  5. Ok i understand the habaki as the culprit., When you say slamming down are you talking about putting it back in saya to hard?
  6. It is a kogatana. Inside a swagger stick?? . Better Pic of stones ( I think sliver or metal tarnished ) I dont see any kanji on blade so another pic of it as well.
  7. Heard about the earthquake did it affect you much Paul?
  8. Ive ran across this several times I just wondered if it was the thing or just happen stance on all of them.
  9. Such is the nature of the beast is it not? But if you're looking for that just so so and you find it what are you going say? I wouldn't sell there even if you paid me, well depending what you want to pay lol
  10. sad as crooks, i thought it was around 10% F them for $ure!
  11. After buying a gunto koshiare on Buyee i was looking around eBay for steel tsunagi. After doing a lot of back and forth with seller...still didn't correct sori... anyway to make a long story short. I made a offer this morning, more than what was original price told needed to think about it. Day passed with no word. So I withdrew the offer.... And get this back I've never heard of ebay having seasons, its been some time from buying or selling. Anywho ever hear of this? this season eBay charge me 30%, next season will be 20%, start on 17th of this month, which is the day after tomorrow, i will send you offer the day after tomorrow. OK? Reply
  12. Something in rambling around in my fog of a brain I think it's seven plate forging is a secret recipe I might be wrong.
  13. Tks Rayray, Dont know how i got unjoined. Needs a site besides FB many here dont play in that sand box.
  14. The Mantetsu ended at 520000¥ And now its back.. starting at....? https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/l1041219908? Id never this guy a dime even if great deal!!
  15. This guy is a piece of work he had other swords one which I showed had special fittings and end of the 2000 something it's back on starting price of what it ended on what crook. Not sure how many other bids was out bid three times....my guess him...but whynot outbid me.
  16. Had winning bid at end..($300)..waiting on email from buyee only open to find seller canceled. Hour later... https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/q1040248961?_=UjVjUy9jK1U5RnhWOGFDdEFLUnNxbTVlQ3FYWUVQRXVSTFhhUzRIT1Y5az0=
  17. Blade with fuller....the whole thing smells to me. Im sure ill be told im wrong if so.
  18. Bugs you really expect us gaijin to be able to read this?
  19. I tell them, just keep breathing you might make it...
  20. Barry its in archives. Sadly I m out.
  21. Damn lifes turns....so wanted it. Thank you my friend for posting this.
  22. Would someone please share that photo On page 168?
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