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  1. No worries mate you have more on your plate. Member's if you haven't gave of late im sure the new upgrade wasn't free. Every little bit helps.
  2. In chameleon dark with a blue background now if the black would just go Gray LOL
  3. We should be able to change to light gray...in chameleon now and change the header bar if I could only darken the light
  4. Ok call me Goldilocks one is too bright the other's too dark how about something in between Like
  5. How about a world time clock? So your messager dont go off when your dead asleep. 🙏
  6. Least all the emojis count is gone 😂
  7. The katakana "い" is the one Mantetsu used in 1945. Thank you that's good enough for me
  8. Got a bit lost here,(short trip for me) how do we know this is Mantetsu?
  9. Outstanding Neil, one of the finest collections I've ever seen. Cheers
  10. So im back to default and everything is bright. So you know i just barely got used to the last overhaul. Dont understand if we want to save bandwidth why include first few lines of post before we open + the emos...going down a rabbit hole here so i better STFU. Least i didn't lose 5k of post count like last two times!!!
  11. My guess is yes Bruce, and a type of oak i never hunted it down.
  12. Didn't even want to try figure this one out lol
  13. The list of likes loves sads what evers.. As usual im not communicating very well and as usual really no big deal.
  14. Besides the cute Factor Whats the reason to have all the emojis lined up on a thread....like badges
  15. guess ill try more laptop time, don't see some things on android phone.
  16. These older registrations give me fits when it comes to reading how long the blade is. Which column may I ask.
  17. Tanks B, I was worried my fat fingers wouldn't be able to pick out the delete or edit but it works just fine.
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