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  1. Nothing new here just me venting my frustration on Yahoo sellers. Been following for a week ending on my payday ( yay) up early to check my buyee snipe bid ....only to find out auction over 0 bids. I understand on a masterpiece sellers upset with low bids....but come on this rusty gimei hunk of iron. Another yahoo headslap.
  2. Stephen

    Three Tsubas

    Or the latter jakushi
  3. No need for ? You have it. Second one includes seki
  4. Upside down...sorry i cant make it out Don.
  5. A good example on how not to post in TA. No request no thanks just its not what i want it to be. Members some common courtesy please.
  6. Point the blade up and away tword light source....does the hamon pop out. Looks like nice hada..
  7. Crop rotate reduce...repete. Saves so much time for everyone. Just seen one that did not open. Ill go out on limb and say traditionally made blade.
  8. Clean unit but really cant tell from the photos if gendaito or showato
  9. I have in the past shipped for members. I do charge a small fee. I DO NOT BUY WITH MY OWN MONEY then expect payment. Id have have money in PP then refund if not won. I havent shipped a sword out of USA for some time up to you to give me correct shipping codes.
  10. Pix of hamon may help us decied. Made this does give us a deciding factor. Pix of bare blade without habaki should give us clues.
  11. http://www.japaneseswordindex.com/oshigata/kiyonobu.jpg http://search.freefind.com/find.html?si=94437683&pid=r&n=0&_charset_=UTF-8&bcd=÷&query=nagamura
  12. Agree even tho i had to change theme to read it.
  13. Its a blister ...not intended.
  14. Quite a few nice pick ups lately. Makes me to go on the hunt again. Well done Vito
  15. Acid wash part of the togi's work. Mind telling us who polished it.
  16. Yes polished he states that.
  17. Just think what it'd look like if polished in Japan. Still all in all a fine blade.
  18. So very fine...had one really close to yours tad different hamon but think it was because of Hofine polish. Hada spot on...my favorite blade hands down, i rue the day i sold it. So good to see that wet swirling look again. Thanks for sharing!!!
  19. Think Massyuki is 1942 the Takehisa 43 Either way he wants too much or im behind times. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Must have missed the w on Masayuki. Bruce can tell you all about the w stamp. His field of study. 2nd blade is Takehisa
  21. Doubt its showato with no stamp. Perhaps share link if your not going after it. If you have sloughs book check pg 107 A Masatsugu has same file marks
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