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  1. Hey everyone is right here, no wrong answers. No worries Papa Smurf, i posted that total on Peters show us the sale page.
  2. Not spending anymore, so not in the fray. Was wondering if anyone could pop in to check the mei. Feeling its going high.
  3. Please move to archive first payment received in case emergency I'll bring it back but don't believe its going to happen Want to show before n after repair.
  4. Any members near the auction house, in Marlborough Massachusetts
  5. The part of being appalled was what i was pointing out. Thought it a bit harsh, agreed with the point hes making but found the word a bit humorous. So i thought id make a funny, didn't even hit the outer ring just fell ten from the target. Sad ol man left to his most dangerous tool, what he calls a mind.
  6. I tagged this on Peters Dagger post. Think its worth a look, price has doubled in a day. https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/111856888_wakizashi-short-sword
  7. Never received flack for the navy submarine emblems are used on my son's tanto thanking him for his service not a word about non-traditional I wonder if we would complain if Ford made his own Menuki....ther made by his wife for his sword!
  8. Id love to make it Dan, but i refuse to fly...and a ten min drive is a stretch.
  9. Wow that price is a steal! I've sold the two Fujishiro for $400 You'll not the translation for less. Was a day when going offer was$1200!
  10. Nevermind the naysayers job well done, only change I would have done would had the Moon sitting like a boat peak on each side coming out not hidden. Good show. PS your sword do as you like with it.
  11. Love theses last three maybe commissioner a Daisho set?
  12. super nice find, im sure it will go over 10K. check out the Wakizashi Skinner auction house has in its Asian auction coming up, https://live.skinnerinc.com/lots/view/4-3K0UAM/wakizashi
  13. Buried some wher in NMB is a post on the horsehead stamp. Or was it a JSS/US article sorry for the lack of memory but there's something out there on it. Edit so this where you got the nakago...sorry this is what i was thinking about.
  14. I dont know how you keep in order Chris. Pretty sure this is copy not real deal. The top one....lower has better chance of being a decent wakizashi
  15. YASUKUNI (泰国), Shōwa (昭和, 1926-1989), Hokkaidō – “Yasukuni” (泰国), real name Takeshita Takeshi (竹下猛), he worked as rikugun-jumei-tōshō, kihin no retsu (Akihide), First Seat at the 6th Shinsaku Nihontō Denrankai (新作日本刀展覧会, 1941
  16. The round end of nakago makes me think Bizen.
  17. Some interesting reading from back in the day. Which brings me to price what do I do sit on it let us find member here I think it's best. And is 25 in too short for many but not From Oz ;-). Price will include shipping to your country. $2650 starting off point.
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