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  1. Welcome back Joe! I'll keep an eye out since we have overlap in what we collect. And you can always just track down your blades and buy them back... I know where several of them ended up including your long Shigemasa blade that changed hands this year--that one was a beast. Here's a few at Tsuruginoya, though I suspect you've probably seen them already: https://www.tsuruginoya.com/items/a00563.html https://www.tsuruginoya.com/items/a00416.html https://www.tsuruginoya.com/items/a00551.html https://www.tsuruginoya.com/items/a00540.html https://www.tsuruginoya.com/items/a00566.html
  2. There's a brief write up here: There's a few copies on Ebay for around $100 (with additional description): https://www.ebay.com/itm/284224928211?hash=item422d2039d3:g:psYAAOSwDoZgVF6P And also one from Namikawa: https://www.namikawa-ltd.com/product/1021 There also appears to be a booklet version that I've been looking for with no luck: http://www.sanmei.com/contents/en-us/p1653.html
  3. Yeah, I ran it through Google translate without luck. Individually, the kanji seem to mean "heaven (ten) mysterious (gen) mulberry tree (kozo)"--the kozo is "paper mulberry" which is used to make washi paper... I suspect it's a kind of "kigo" or poetic way of stating the time of year.
  4. Where'd you get that Yoshihara Kuniie "tea towel?"
  5. Trying to help out a lucky friend of a friend who was gifted an "attic" katana. Some translation help from Ray Singer (and a couple hours of additional slow-going research on my part) reveals that the mei reads 嶋田七郎右衛門尉源義助 Shimada Shichiroemon no Jo Minamoto Yoshisuke. It is dated 享保三天玄楮 Kyoho 3 (1718). According to Markus Sesko's Index of Japanese Swordsmiths, the civilian name "Shichiroemon" in the zokumei and the date would make this the 8th generation Shimada Yoshisuke, though Markus' book lists his death in 1712 a few years before this sword was signed. I have 3 questions: 1) Has anyone seen a signature or oshigata from the 8th generation Shimada Yoshisuke to compare? 2) Does anyone know what the phrase "天玄楮" means in the date? 3) The blade is in old mounts which are in disrepair with what appears to be an original polish that, surprisingly for an attic sword, is mostly free of rust. Any idea of what a reasonable asking price would be for the sword if offered for sale? These are the only photos I have at the moment... will add more if I can get them.
  6. yes, "kaji" 🔥 is a very appropriate term for Kiyofusa's work!
  7. Official results are up: https://www.touken.or.jp/Portals/0/pdf/mokuroku/2020Contemporary_Swords_and_Artworks(English).pdf
  8. nice daisho recently for sale (but sold now I think) http://sanmei.com/contents/media/A58786-7_S2229_PUP_E.html?fbclid=IwAR3sIBjfH4045wDc7niYzgdwkTW2EaOWYfbDk-HN4gaYe59_9Wq-f5EoB6M
  9. Looking to buy catalogs from the NBTHK Shinsakuto Competitions... this year's just went on sale... I'm interested in any of the from the past couple decades.
  10. Still available if anyone is looking for a higher end, but used, iaito. Warp has been fixed; tsuba has been swapped. Joe
  11. English translation courtesy of Hiroko and Lonnie Kapp here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1teJkwb3FxcnD7WDVBsj17YQsAfCjp7bj/view?fbclid=IwAR0H5nl-9kGWkjfzLFtLpD9GJ75jbgj79tqyDVDDDIc0aLTD41YoYNiUOx8 Does anyone have the results from 2019? I'd also be interested in purchasing any catalogs from these competitions if anyone is selling.
  12. drjoe

    Mokume tsuba

    Interesting example. “Sugata” is similar to another one I picked up. BTW if anyone is interested in buying the non-spiral ones above, send me a PM and make an offer.
  13. In case anyone is interested in this as an iaito, I am happy to report that the warp has been corrected. It otherwise remains in used condition with scratches from tameshigiri and shinae from a corrected bend. Back to $5000 now.
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