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  1. Thanks Dale and Glen. It's interesting that the one in Bonhams had NBTHK hozon papers. I am still planning to submit mine to NTHK-NPO when they next come to town. As I mentioned, my hope is that it is not cast. I would be curious to see the papers on the Bonhams one, whether they mention how it is made or not.
  2. Congratulations on a good buy Nicolas. That looks like a very nice package at a reasonable price.
  3. I assume it is a name Grey, though I don't know the definition of soemei
  4. I am stilling holding out a slim hope that this piece is not cast Glen. By the way, do you remember the price that the one sold at Bonhams brought?
  5. Yes, I think that ivory may be just a little softer than deer horn, but I'm sure that somebody has measured them, and obviously, ivory is one type of horn!
  6. Nice Glen. It's very gratifying. I sometimes bring a tsuba to work or while watching TV or whatever, along with some ivory (I find that sometimes antler has some harder inclusions that can scratch patina). The time goes by faster and there is less suffering if I am distracted by a lecture or a film or whatever.
  7. Jean, I would like to see that sort of analysis. Like what Darcy has done with swords, but with fittings.
  8. Went back for a look, and Edo period was not stated. The mei was mentioned in parentheses. No worries, it's not the only clunker I have bought among swords and fittings. I'm hoping that when it comes it will have the appearance of a hand made piece.
  9. When I saw the one that Glen posted from Bonham's, I became convinced that it is likely a copy. I contacted Buyee to cancel the sale, but no such luck. I will save it as a study piece, but be careful not to buy it when my post mortem auction happens!
  10. Another vote for cast fake....
  11. I'm not sure that is a dimple. There are round dew drops found on other parts of the tsuba, especially on the back.
  12. Well, I see that some of you are voting Big Belly Flop! Well, I will have a close look at it once it's in hand. If I still can't tell, I will have Miyano's team from NTHK NPO look at it next time they are in town. If they say it's a fake, then maybe it's time for a new hobby.
  13. I have found a few variances from the one in the book, so they are not identical, but nearly so. The photography is very different, and it is difficult to tell about patina, so I have looked primarily at the carving. I doubt the mei was stamped, and couldn't find any evidence that the one on Yahoo was cast.
  14. That is an oft asked question Dave, but sometimes dealers don't want to spend the money or the time to put a sword or tosogu through shinsa. I tried to judge it by the work, as well as the mei and agree with you that it looks ok. I'm hoping that there is a Sekibun aficionado on the NMB.
  15. Here are photos from the book (sorry about the resolution - as it happens, I have the book and the tsuba in the book and the one above are identical, other than the use of gold for the whiskers of the dragon).
  16. Just saw this sell this AM on Yahoo.jp for less than $550. My study of the mei was equivocal, just using Markus Sesko's book on sword fitting signatures. I did happen to stumble across an example of nearly the same tsuba in a book on 100 tsuba that is nearly identical (see the next post). Would love to hear opinions about whether this tsuba is shoshin or not. It has no papers. My take is that if it is gimei, the maker must have had a tsuba like the one on the next post right nearby since the two are nearly identical in every aspect.
  17. I look forward to seeing them Tony. There were some nice pieces in the auction.
  18. Hi Tony. I assume that you bought them from the Sofe Auction yesterday. Although I didn't get the only sword I bid on yesterday, I have bought a few swords from them in the past. I had no trouble with the shippers that they recommended. You probably have special requirements due to shipping into the UK, where modern sharp swords are illegal as I understand it. I suggest that you talk with one of the UK collectors that often ship swords into the UK to find out the best way to avoid problems at customs (Michael for example).
  19. Mihail. I am glad to hear that you like it and are thrilled. If you continue your interest in nihonto, you will get even greater thrills as you pursue it!
  20. I'm no expert in tosogu, no doubt, but it could be older. Many early ones get hitsuana added later. This one seems to have escaped that since the sukashi design uses up the room for ato hitsu ana.
  21. Hahah, yes, and I am among those ranks (of the fallible). I can't see the mei on the tsuba well. The papers clearly don't say Umetada however....
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