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  1. Glad to hear that Luis. Do you live anywhere near Paris? I seem to recall that you live in Europe.
  2. Yes, just looked through catalog. It looked like there were a couple of "sleepers" though.
  3. Tom, the mei looks good enough to submit to shinsa to me.
  4. That piece went for a hammer price of $8000.00. Big bucks without seeing the mei! Could easily be cut down with an ugly tang or what have you. Or, could be Kiyomaro (or so the hopeful buyer may be thinking....). If anybody on NMB bought it, please share results when you get it in.
  5. Does anybody live in France? I am tempted to bid on an item or two, but the auction house says that the buyer is responsible for getting the export paperwork etc.
  6. Wow, I live in Chicago and was completely unaware of this auction. Were there some high end swords?
  7. The koshirae were restored in the 70s, according to the above. I presume that the sword was polished at that time. All the DNA from Truman and Krueger is likely long gone and the sword appears to be properly handled now.
  8. Thanks Bryce. I think that this likely also supports that the blade in question is shoshin.
  9. I have heard that circular carving pattern on the habaki referred to as Gassan pattern.
  10. Steve, "big guns" is relative. To me, you are one of our "big guns"!!
  11. Thanks Steve. Tom, you should know that Taikei Naotane is one of the most famous Shinshinto smiths, and if yours is genuine, it will be very valuable if it is healthy. If you post clearer close up photos of the signature you can get advice as to whether it is clearly a false signature or has a chance to be genuine, in which case it would be worth submitting the sword to shinsa for authentication/appraisal.
  12. I suppose it could be a one body cutting test.
  13. Looks like a machine made arsenal blade in nice samurai mounts Jon. Usually insurance appraisals run a little high, so I think that around $2,000 ought to do the trick.
  14. The other side has a date: Bunka Ju nana nen (1818). Then it appears like maybe there is a horimono date or something. Does it have a carving?
  15. With my limited skills, looks like Dewa Kuni Junin Taikei XX Naotane (Kao)
  16. Looks like it's trying to be Taikei Naotane.
  17. Volker, I prefer the one that you helped me to buy! Teishitsu Gigein and it was his father.
  18. Luis, I knew that you really didn't mean it!!! If you did, I have a Masamune for you...... Cheers, Bob
  19. Luis, you are one of the few that don't care about papers. Even those who have 100% confidence that a piece is shoshin. Selling unpapered blades with big names is problematic.
  20. Sorry it took me a while. Here are a few shots of both sides and the mimi, showing the welding of the two metals.
  21. Good looking Sadakatsu tanto sold today on Live Auctioneers. Thought I would capture a few photos for the NMB. Hammer was $7250, making the total close to $10K once premium, taxes, shipping and fees are paid. Looks like a nice piece, but no papers.
  22. Does she have a website or is it all on ebay?
  23. You did very well Dirk! Shakudo nanako ji is a very common phrase on fittings hakogaki.
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