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    I can see the nie in the boshi now that it has been pointed out. Sometimes the hamon is dark rather than light/white depending on the photography or sometimes the last polish (especially when amateurs polish a sword you can get this inversion of dark and light).
  2. Surfson


    That's a relief!
  3. Jean, you may be correct that it was a Saotome tsuba before it lost its plate...
  4. Surfson


    That's an interesting sword Mark. As to the boshi, it may indicate that the tip was once broken and the new boshi after reshaping of the kissaki comes close to running off of the blade.
  5. Very nice Georg. Whenever Tanobe San puts the words masterpiece in the sayagaki, it is a very good thing!
  6. Will, I think that your instincts are pretty good, and we have seen so many newbies come up with much worse than this. I do imagine it is 500 years old+. It appears to have a ko-kissaki. The tsuba is in poor shape but has an Umetada vibe to it based on the hitsuana. It has a nice kurikata, indicating that it was probably in handachi mounts. Finally, it looks to me like it was covered in cosmoline, and has never been cleaned. One of the lines that looks like a ware in the shingoi ji is probably old cosmoline. Having all of this old cosmoline suggests that it may not have ever been in the hands of a collector. I'm not saying you should buy it because according to the seller it has a few ware. However, I think that your interest in it was not unfounded.
  7. What a find! It gives me hope, as the only way I am likely to own a Kiyomaro is if I find it unrecognized. Congratulations again.
  8. Just realized the kanji is gen/gan, meaning the first year, so it was made in 1861.
  9. That's an interesting sword Ray. It was made after 1861 (I don't know the numerical value of the kanji used), so it is interesting to me that it has what look like two separate sword strikes, suggesting that it was put to use in battle. I wonder if it was used in one of the uprisings such as the Boshin war or Satsuma rebellion.
  10. That's a good summary Bruce, and never doubted. I do like one of the pieces.
  11. I have to say that Markus' encyclopedia is a fantastic book. As you are getting in to the field, I recommend that sooner rather than later you try to build your recognition of the kanji that are used. These are not only useful as you learn to translate sword tangs and determine the maker, but also come up in the better reference books, that tend to be in Japanese. Markus puts kanji alongside the Japanese words written in Romaji. I enjoy having his encyclopedia in hand when I read his other books or books by other authors, as it not only helps with the precise definition of words or phrases but also gives the reader the translation into kanji.
  12. I figured out who it is, and it turns out he is already a friend that I have dealt with at shows many times. Definitely reputable seller!
  13. I wouldn't mind picking through the collection to see what I might find, but buying the whole collection based on these poor quality photos? Nah. Do you know where the collection is located? Is it in Japan?
  14. He has been on ebay for a decade. Does anybody know who it is?
  15. Bruce, I believe that that mark was made from rubbing of a habaki/seppa/tsuba that were placed there when the sword was longer.
  16. If it's gimei, I would recommend that you avoid it at that price. I haven't studied the mei, but did have a shoshin blade by him, and the mei looks unlikely to be shoshin to me.
  17. Very sad indeed. I have received his help many times when he and his team came to Chicago to administer shinsa for the NTHK-NPO. RIP
  18. Thanks Dale and Glen. It's interesting that the one in Bonhams had NBTHK hozon papers. I am still planning to submit mine to NTHK-NPO when they next come to town. As I mentioned, my hope is that it is not cast. I would be curious to see the papers on the Bonhams one, whether they mention how it is made or not.
  19. Congratulations on a good buy Nicolas. That looks like a very nice package at a reasonable price.
  20. I assume it is a name Grey, though I don't know the definition of soemei
  21. I am stilling holding out a slim hope that this piece is not cast Glen. By the way, do you remember the price that the one sold at Bonhams brought?
  22. Yes, I think that ivory may be just a little softer than deer horn, but I'm sure that somebody has measured them, and obviously, ivory is one type of horn!
  23. Nice Glen. It's very gratifying. I sometimes bring a tsuba to work or while watching TV or whatever, along with some ivory (I find that sometimes antler has some harder inclusions that can scratch patina). The time goes by faster and there is less suffering if I am distracted by a lecture or a film or whatever.
  24. Jean, I would like to see that sort of analysis. Like what Darcy has done with swords, but with fittings.
  25. Went back for a look, and Edo period was not stated. The mei was mentioned in parentheses. No worries, it's not the only clunker I have bought among swords and fittings. I'm hoping that when it comes it will have the appearance of a hand made piece.
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