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  1. We are in Hawaii, I would imagine there are plenty of aficionados and collectors out here, but not sure about shows. Will look it up, great idea.
  2. Thanks again all. I would like to acquire some books, but in a way I am wary of making nihonto a full blown hobby as I did with guitars/amps/recording gear. I'm afraid my lovely wife would be somewhat distraught if I allowed that to happen at this point in our lives. Later, absolutely. I have learned from you all how to not damage them (nakago preservation, never attempt to hone blades, never practice cutting with one, proper storage etc) so I thought I'd get an inexpensive but nicely made wak just to have ONE to behold, until the kids are grown and I can be financially irresponsible again with my passions. I have a couple very nice Japanese style blades (Huawei) to play with, but of course a traditionally made antique is in a different world, art-wise. Interesting how in some ways the art that is nihonto and it's appreciation has much in common with other forms of art including music. I need to tread lightly... addictive personality
  3. Thanks all, I was only considering this one because it is priced lower than I usually find in this condition, and to find my first nihonto for under $1000 seemed too good to be true. Of course I am still learning and just wanted to check here to make sure I didn't miss anything that would indicate it is a fake or non-nihonto in some way. I appreciate most of the responses, thank you.
  4. Mumei wakizashi. Should I go for it? I'm wary but hopeful.
  5. Looks intriguing. I think better photos are in order... Can you get more shots in focus and more areas of the blade / fittings etc.?
  6. Thanks, Jean, I was talking about the bamboo peg, yes. I had to shape it a bit for good fit (new one).
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