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  1. I own this blade, which was intentionally made and signed by Sadakazu as an utsushi of Masamune. It's an interesting blade, and may be a "practice" piece for a work that he presented to the emperor in the same style. https://www.aoijapan.net/katana-teisitu-gigei-in-gassan-sadakazu-78-years-made-by-politely/
  2. I wasn't aware of the increased fees or IRS reporting. Both will stifle sales.
  3. I cannot tell a lie Bruno - I got that one. This was the sword in it. It's now in Tanobe San's hands.
  4. That is a Tempo/Tembo tsuba, and those are from hot stamps. Often they stamp one or another kanji character. I can't make out this one. It actually looks like a decent tsuba.
  5. I have purchased a few items over the years and subsequently found the very item to be listed in a book. It is a thrill. I can't imagine finding one of the lost treasure swords though, as I believe Ian has.
  6. Please help us with the timing Paul. What time will you be going and casting?
  7. Let me add my condolences to those expressed thus far. I too am crushed by this ever so sad news. He was a great student of nihonto, with unparalleled knowledge and analytical skills. Along with others in our field, I will miss him greatly.
  8. Surfson

    Odd wakizashi

    No signs of an era that I can see. No worries though, still an interesting blade and worthy of further study. I would look into the Yoshimitsu mei if I were you.
  9. Surfson

    Odd wakizashi

    Especially some close up photos above the nakago ana on the side with the date. I am curious as to whether the patch that appears to have been polished in some way may have remnants of an era in it. I think it's an interesting older piece, probably early to mid muromachi. I haven't studied the mei but my first inclination is that it is representing Tosa Yoshimitsu. I think that this may be a better sword than you initially thought, and certainly worthy of more study.
  10. Surfson

    Odd wakizashi

    I think that more photos are in order and it might be an interesting piece. I don't think that the mei was added recently. In such a case, there is usually red rust in the carving of the mei, and this tanto doesn't have that. Having half a date is odd, but it would be nice to see the whole tang and the whole sword.
  11. I would guess Shimada Sukemune.
  12. It is an interesting, and very political, family. I had an Okimasa made at that forge that also mentioned a major political figure/patron. That is a very collectible sword George!
  13. Not a great photo, but my favorite Shoami in my collection.
  14. This one is supposedly Awa Shoami
  15. And another - Akita Shoami
  16. Here's another.
  17. Supposedly Akita Shoami from my collection
  18. I have picked up many great swords on ebay over the years. It has pretty much dried up though in the last 4-5 years.
  19. You are correct Michael. I was going to bid on it but my polisher didn't like the shape!
  20. George, is he any relation to Tsukamoto Okimasa? Okimasa was one of the most famous smiths of the early 20th century.
  21. I just went back and looked at the Tanobe sayagaki for my Norishige (also a discovery - it was a unloved sword at a show). In it, he uses Yuhin nari, which is very exciting to me considering what Markus told you. Thank you for the useful information!
  22. That is interesting Georg. Did he mention Tanobe San's use of "chin chin cho cho"?
  23. Surfson


    I can see the nie in the boshi now that it has been pointed out. Sometimes the hamon is dark rather than light/white depending on the photography or sometimes the last polish (especially when amateurs polish a sword you can get this inversion of dark and light).
  24. Surfson


    That's a relief!
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