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Hi all, Wonderful rabbit displays, even one not directly related to swords! 
Thank you all for sharing and the supportive comments. 
Have decided I would sell the Shakado set if there are members interested in this set. 
I believe they are quite old, some of the gold eyes missing but otherwise in good condition 

Brian, if there is interest expressed in these I will repost on the sale section with better pictures and size 


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Rabbit and Moon themed F/K:


Heavy shouldered rabbit and multi color metal use. Is it signed?

I am curious if it is Shonai work, or more likely Yasuchika line post Shonai.


Two shots in the dark, but it is good practice to try to figure things out before looking at a signature.

(*laugh*). Sometimes you miss the dartboard entirely.

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Stephen, Question, is this Tsuba old? Appears recent to my eyes, excellent work! Great expression on the Rabbits face. A presentation piece perhaps!? Regardless, I love it. But alas like you, outta my limited budget. 

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Pictures of the koshirea I assembled for my Katana which is being completed by Randy Black!


The Katana is a nice 1655 Musahi Muneharu blade with NBTHK Hozon papers from 2012, the Tsuba is also with papers.  The Kozuka, matches so well it was decided to place it with the mounting.  I hope you enjoy the koshirea pictures.  Once, the katana is back from mounting by Randy I'll post the pics!





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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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