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  1. https://www.samuraishokai.jp/sword/22613.html Western steel? This was an interesting thread. I'd think it a bit cheeky to make a tanto for the birth of the Crown Prince and use western steel. I'm here entirely to learn. As most know, I'm 97.5% fittings centric. This all came to my nose while researching a special tsuba made around the same time. Tantou [Ikkansai_Kunimori](Yasukuni Sword Maker)(The sword by which His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince is born commemoration)
  2. At the moment, I don't think it is up to his family to decide. Likely it falls within the laws of Canada to determine who has control over certain things. That may or may not be family. It -Sucks-, but that is how it breaks down. It is slow enough in the USA [just assume 9 months], and almost certainly worse in Canada. The various parties may not be able to publicly speak on it until the law settles out. That might be 6 months from now, 12 months, or more. In the meantime, whatever Ray, Michael, and others can pry from the open source side of the web is most welcome.
  3. That... is a very pretty signature. I have a lot of respect for Sadakatsu work and have seen a fair number of his signatures, but that one is particularly nice penmanship in iron. Give me a writing brush and 5 years, and I don't think I could pull that off with ink. Certainly not in iron. Sounds like an interesting blade, just from the signature alone. Sadakatsu's last year of life too, so I romanticize it a bit and think this was one last burst of effort for the artist.
  4. @Chishiki Yes, previously green papers could be presented and the item submitted to Tokubetsu Hozon or given a marginal discount when submitted to Hozon. Sometime in the last 8 years or so, they did away with that.
  5. Catching up on this thread- 190, 191, and 211 all belonged to me about 15 years ago. I'm not sure about 190, but it looks the twin of the one I had. I know I sold 191 to England, and that was an interesting thick one with slight cant to it. Nice buttery like iron too. That Hirotoshi kozuka- what atypical work for him, and quite an exceptional piece. That was a great read.
  6. Shinsa results are so slow these days. In recent years I have been submitting less, and this last shinsa I think I submitted 7+months ago and still waiting for the items to come back. It will probably be 8 to 9 months before back. While I did get 2 very favorable results that I am happy about... and two "Captain Obvious" Higo results, you REALLY have to want to have something papered these days to put up with the long lag. I'd love to hear Mark's results, but it will probably be a while before he hears back.
  7. If I can be more positive, "the world welcomes 4 more paperweights" Brutal year so far, so good humor and levity are most welcome.
  8. Dead, dead, dead, and.... dead. Not much left worth saying.
  9. A fair number of the middle generations. Not some of the earliest guys, and not some of the later guys.
  10. Ayasugi hada is fairly common in the Sa school, though different in appearance to my eyes than Gassan ayasugi. Bill Miller with his many fine Sa school blades empirically taught me this last Fall as I looked at several of his blades with his assistance. Very kind of him and a good lesson I will not soon forget. The signature is more likely to be added than authentic, but at least the workmanship is in the right ballpark- I think. Take my opinion with a grain of salt, as fittings are more my wheelhouse.
  11. Steve is that good, and it is somewhat of a common signature from a certain school.
  12. Nicely done Kyle. I learned a bit from that. I've several times encountered noteworthy Umetada Shigeyoshi tsuba and filed it away to eventually explore the name some day. I figured there were at least 2 or 3, but didn't know there were that many.
  13. @Brian A good Akasaka, in one of the mid generations. This is a design they did in several versions, and I owned one long ago. How thick is it? Not able to see 3 layer construction inside the sukashi?
  14. Wow. Nice one. I sincerely wanted to make Chicago this year. At a show there will always be 1 or 2 that I buy. It has been so long. Work got immensely in the way.
  15. He seems to shill a bit too. I like his stuff, I don't know if I have ever successfully bought from him. I think it has reached the point where I hesitate to even bother bidding on any of his listings. EDIT: Cr@p. I didn't realize the auction was still live.
  16. Omori work + a daisho of two tsuba I haven't looked up the name. Throw in some shills by the seller, or two guys dueling for it, and I can see it getting there fairly easy. These would look great mounted.
  17. This one is a trap. It is 'Den Nobuiye' for reasons of saving face. Being mumei BUT in the classic book as Nobuiye, you cannot call the famous scholar out as wrong- but it is not regarded as a Nobuiye these days. It sold off a dealer's website at 1,000,000 yen and somebody realized their mistake then sold it for 750,000 or so yen. Whomever bought it is now looking for a new sucker. The whole Den thing is a pain. The current NBTHK is doing it much much more than in past decades. * 1/3rd of the time it means the tsuba is [better] than what we are calling it, but we aren't confident enough to stick our necks out. (if TH, this is probably what you are dealing with....with exceptions if a very big name) ** 2/3rds of the time it means something else. Sometimes simply uncertainty between two schools, or just one very cranky dissenting judge that day. I had a tsuba that one famous scholar said was nidai Hayashi Shigemitsu (hakogaki) and another famous scholar said was nidai Kanshiro (published). When it came up for sale, the current NBTHK had just papered it 'Den Kanshiro' to split the difference. --The Den Nobuiye is the rare example of the worst kind, being a political smudge to save face. Sort of a hot potato. The name is so big that they almost have to give it TH. Now someone is looking to at least their triple their money off of the debatable 'den' usage.
  18. All the Tsuba Sold. Higo sword-saya tosogo also sold. The Higo fuchi - kashira is still available for now.
  19. Correct. I was never sure whether it was later Nishigaki or maybe a Tosa Myochin homage. The iron was very nice.
  20. Tsuba #1, #2, #4 and the iron Higo fittings are all SOLD or ON HOLD to people I know and trust. Available: I. The kinko Higo f/k is off HOLD. II. Tsuba #3 (Hosokawa Mon kodai Hayashi tsuba that reminds many of a rotary phone dial) Curran
  21. No. The museums should have taken better care of theirs. Yours is quite lovely. The best of the 3.
  22. That looks a very good beginning. It certainly beats the snot out of my first sword.
  23. --Higo fuchi kashira on Hold, but I haven't heard back in a while.-- If not, I will release them tomorrow and follow up with inquires.
  24. Thanks Kyle. I took the morning off and have to get back to one or two people now. It has been a while since I listed anything. It is always interesting listing items. Consistently the item I think people would jump on first seems to be the last to go.
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