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  1. 1800s edo artist having nothing to do with the more famous Hayashi Shigemitsu of Higo 1600s fame.
  2. "The pattern on this Kozuka comes from" The artist is one of the Uchikoshi guys? Ichijosai Hiro____ + kao Good looking example in high state of preservation.
  3. Guido answered it. [and George too while I was typing] Literally front, middle, back or early, middle, late. Just pull up an old map.
  4. Oregon Post Office does seem to have a way with things. I remember sending you something that took on a fair amount of damage. The only other item worse off was a package to the UK that had been stabbed clean through, but somehow missed hitting anything other than the negative of the sukashi tsuba inside.
  5. Textbook nice example. Good photograph too.
  6. Dragonflies is Norisuke. One of their popular designs. A few of these listed in the book sections about them- Nagoya NBTHK NOrisuke book, or the Owari "Blue" book. I like shodai and nidai Norisuke works very much. It is a shame this one has been partially fired or otherwise very abused. Otherwise I would ask to buy it. For a memento of a friend lost a few years ago, I've wanted to pick up some sort of Tombo design work. Working for the Tokugawa, the Norisuke work can vary from quick simple designs to very complex special commissions. Example attached. One of our NY members also has some fine examples.
  7. Sometimes a coin toss. It is more likely they'd say Owari on the one starting this thread.
  8. Lol. Yes, I knew it was posted there. Still doesn't change the fact that I have not applied to Juyo shinsa before, not in 20+ years. Maybe I will, but the % pass rate standard for Juyo Tosogu is a higher hurdle than for Juyo Token. Long odds. I don't particularly believe everything on their site, it being the internet and all. I believe I was caught by a previous shinsa price increase -not updated on their site-, though that must have been years ago. Postage and other fees that agents pay can be wild cards adding on. Last time around, 12 items to Japan and back = postage was 29% of the bill. This is just for _Not_Quite_Juyo_ stuff. It just came back yesterday. If sending things people think worth a roll of the dice for Juyo, then expect a stiff travel expense these days.
  9. I don't know. I have never bothered submitting to Juyo tosogu shinsa or Juyo token shinsa. There are a few people here who submit on a regular basis. Maybe one of them can field this.
  10. October. You should have your fittings inside Japan with your agent by about September 15th.
  11. If I was going to blow that much money out the airlock, I think I would find a more interesting way.
  12. Those hitsu ana, mixed metal inlay, arrow design, etc... Probably Aizu Shoami like Grev said. I'm partial to archery themes. 4 of the 5 kozuka I own are arrow themes. The Aizu Shoami group seems to make some of the most dramatic arrow relate themes. I owned one of gold, silver, shakudo yanone design for many years. Great display piece.
  13. For me, the question was who would get to it first. The person I was betting on seems to be offline for now. Equally glad if John got it.
  14. Several pink ones, large green one, a large tan one. I only own 2 swords, 2 tanto, and an O-kogatana, but was familiar with Microdear from 1990s onward, while wife had me help her haul her large ass lense Nikons all over South American. Uchiko might damage your swords, but several hundred uses of Microdear has never damaged lens or sword. Last weekend I spent a lovely day viewing several dozen Juyo level swords with a collector who preferred use n dispose kleenex tissues rather than Microdear. I was more concerned about using the Kleenex than the Microdear I had brought. If you've got orange ones, send them my way. The wife likes Hermes colored stuff.
  15. You mentioned a Korean stamp or mark. May we (wife and me) see it? As your title said, it looks much more Namban <=> Spanish / Portuguese influenced than the original korean pillarheads. Bluntly: yours is more elegant than most of the Korean helmets. Katchu is not my usual venue. Please be patient with someone who half knows the Korean side and half knows the Japanese side of armor.
  16. Late join, as I've been distracted for a bit. Yes, that video is a work of art itself. My introduction to tsuba was 1989 at the apartment of a collector. He set up a small film projector and we watched a reel of film about Yonemitsu making one of his Hayashi Matashichi inspired mon tsuba with extensive Higo Zogan. From the film quality and techniques, I would guess it to have been early 1960s. Forward about 50 years and your Katsuhira video sets up the West gate to quite a journey. It is a great companion and yet contrast to the Yonemitsu video. The two videos create quite the story arc.
  17. When we lived in New Jersey and especially near Philadelphia, we often had to stay on top of USPS. Packages went missing enough that we would get the Postal Inspectors involved. It helps if it is above a "Felony" level value like $1500 or so.
  18. One very good experience, and one shennanigan experience- which received a more than fair apology and refund. I've been criticized for recommending him after the first round, but it is unclear if I was dealing with him or his parents. Round 1 was done in Japanese, with only the family name as sign off.
  19. Without looking up the kao, which generation? If first, then a fair price maybe. I've never particularly liked this design, and i am not impressed by the carving. There is another up by the nidai or later gen that is listed at a dealer's site for less.
  20. Well, that was fast. Blink and I nearly missed seeing it.
  21. Just envy. I spent the weekend in a moving van with two palookas from Hollywood, FL. I definitely would rather have been at the SF show, and tried to arrange it up till Wednesday. Definitely wanted to see the Nagatsune.
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