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  1. Nice to know there are still men to our north that still have a pair....good luck with the sales👍
  2. It is like deja vu all over again around here, we had a thread about this not too long ago.
  3. I am curious also regarding the table with the water stones; were they for sale or was there a polishing demo or?
  4. SAS

    Sword Identification

    A pin punch would work also if you are careful.
  5. The pilot who dropped the incindiary bomb started a small forest fire up by Mt. Emily due to issues with fog and navigation; last i knew, the sword was at the police department in Brookings, OR in a display case. I intend to see if I can examine it and get photos sometime in the near future, as I am moving to Oregon again soon.
  6. SAS

    Sword Identification

    Get a mekuginuki (tool for removing peg) and use it to move the ito aside, then push the mekugi out; it may take a sharp rap to get it started.
  7. We don't have a post number anymore since the update....Thomas, the man I am asking about was wearing a gray T shirt with tan slacks or long shorts, standing behind a table with a Noh mask and a yellow vase in the foreground, with a hotel luggage cart off to the side.........sorry for the work, hope you can help. He looks like a guy i surfed with years ago maybe; his shirt has Haleiwa, Jockos, etc. on it, those are North Shore Oahu surf spots. Thanks......
  8. The existing fukure will get worse with any non sensitive polish; if polished, the togishi will have to work around those. Not a job for an amateur. Probably not cost effective, imo.
  9. Thomas, who was the gentleman in the Hawaiian surf spot T shirt? He looks familiar, like i should know him.....great photos by the way, thanks.
  10. SAS

    Sword Identification

    It will deter door to door "salesmen".
  11. Keep your photos oriented vertically, and use your finger to wipe off excess.
  12. When you say working on, I hope you do not mean actually working on.....I can't tell if the lines are all messed up, or if it just a photo artifact; the acid bath has not been helpful to the appearance, either. The fukura seems way off as well, if not a result of lens distortion.
  13. Swap meet only has replica items; Bob Benson may have some swords which trend to higher quality of Nihonto. All my stuff is still in American Samoa. Ken may see this and have better guidance.
  14. It is getting crazy around these here parts, i need to light out for the hills.

  15. We will need to ssee more photos with close ups to offer better opinions, Johan. Understanding nihonto better is a great undertaking and lots of fun, enjoy!
  16. late koto maybe, or early shinto would be my guess
  17. Yes it was a few months ago, not sure, maybe Izakaya?
  18. It would be very interesting to read a history of polishing technology; it may be that one or more exist (in Japanese) but i do not know.....I would pay good money for one in English! High level polishing, in my opinion, comes down to: access to good technique, access to good stones, and lots of patience. These are all things that the Japanese people have had access to for a thousand years. I have heard that some mines of particular stones have become exhausted and good stones harder to obtain (or very expensive, try $3000 plus for a good uchigumori finishing stone.) Goes a long way to explaining why polishing is expensive.
  19. And don't forget the articles on this forum, lots of good information to help spot fakes.
  20. We need a better shot of the tang, particularly where the stamp or impression is above the ana.
  21. Woodrow Hall....I do not have contact info for him, maybe Ken Goldstein on this forum has it? https://bushidojapaneseswords.com/index.html contact for Bob Benson....he will most likely be in touch with Woody; no guarans that either will have a recommendation, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  22. Depending on what stamp is above the mei, anything but a star means a non traditionally made gunto; what makes you think it is not?
  23. It would be nice to see the rest of the sword (judge the sword, not the signature); if an actual koto sword, the nakago has been cleaned, which is most unfortunate. The first nakago ana looks punched, which is in line with koto.
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