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I love this thread and the rabbit and moon story!


I have a rabbit friend that comes and visits me late at night when I work on my car in the garage. He (or she) is a nice looking large brown rabbit with high long ears. The first time it came in it hopped right to the edge of the open garage, sat for a second staring at me (staring at it), while I'm trying to get my brothers attention without moving. At first I thought I was hallucinating but my brother seen it that night as well. It hopped into the garage and made a round and disapeared for a bit and I thout "great it's in the walls", finally it hops out from under my car and comes right up to me for a pat on the head... really surreal. Then it goes right to the edge of the open garage frame and sits down facing the end of the street where the busy street is and it just stared for a while adjusting its ears around like satellites... Finally it looks back as if to say "cya" and hops back towards the direction frm whence it came. Almost every late night/ really early morning it'll come visit if I'm out there. It's some of my favorite moments.


I know it visits even when I'm not out there by the medium sized pellet piles it leaves on my front lawn.

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