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  1. The picture is still there in the item description. The seller is only allowed to put 12 pictures in the area at the top of the listing. Some sellers add more photos in the description area.
  2. It's my sword. I listed it on NMB last March, but didn't get any interest, so about a month ago I put it on eBay. Anything I list on eBay is US sales only, simply because eBay tends to side with buyers, as does PayPal. Unless a seller has indisputable evidence (and sometimes even that won't work) eBay gives the buyers the benefit of the doubt and in a lot of cases automatically refunds them. I can't always get indisputable evidence in foreign countries or argue with their customs officials. I've been burned enough that it's just not worth shipping international on eBay. I'm not saying I've never been burned by US buyers, but it's just easier to fight it. The NMB sales link above doesn't say no foreign sales, but yes I'd prefer to sell in the US. I've sold several tsuba international, filling out a customs form is no big deal and shipping is relatively reasonable. The big deal for blades is the shipping cost and value which influences customs fees on the other end. Not to mention the threads on here of cases of customs (or shippers) destroying blades because of some asinine rule. USPS will ship international, but with limited insurance and lately with a serious lack of reliability anywhere. FedEx and UPS not much better insurance wise. So...not absolutely opposed to selling blades international, just leery. Hope that makes some kind of sense and thanks again for the kind words.
  3. Thanks for the kind words guys. Any buyer will be very happy with this one!!
  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Peter, I appreciate it. Sendai Kunikane is a very interesting line that made some beautiful blades. I think this one represents the school very well.
  5. Up for sale is a Wakizashi attributed to Sendai Kunikane with Koshirae and NBTHK Hozon. Beautiful blade with stunning Masame hada and Suguha hamon. NBTHK doesn't say which generation Kunikane, but the quality of the forging hints at one of the earlier generations. Nagasa is 48.8cm, 6X31mm at the machi, 4X21mm at the yokote. Unaltered and in very good polish. Comes with a nice kosherae and shirasaya to complete the package. Shipping to the US only. SOLD
  6. Wayben

    Ito color?

    Red and green always reminds me of a Christmas ornament. I think with the red saya and color of the fittings, yellow would look good. Kind of a deep yellow that would play off the fittings.
  7. Continuing to downsize, these three tsuba are looking for a new home. #1. Bronze Dragon, NBTHK Hozon, 79mm X 76mm, 4mm rim, nakago ana 29mm X 8mm. $1250 #2. Umetada, NBTHK Hozon, 79mm X 79mm, 3mm rim, nakago ana 28mm X 8mm. $575 #3. Iron Kyo-Sukashi, NBTHK Tokubetsu Kichio, 86mm X86mm, 4mm rim, nakago ana 28mm X9mm. $Sold Shipping and PP fees included in the US. For shipping outside the US I'll split the cost with you. If you are interested comment below and send me a PM. Thanks for looking. Wayne
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