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  1. It looks to me that it has a sun-ray tsuba. The two pictures of the nakago only show the habaki side seppa, which appears to be backwards. 'Course I'm old and half blind, so could be completely out to lunch. Wayne
  2. Thanks Thomas, I'm glad you're happy!!
  3. It says it was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing, lol.
  4. Price drop on #1 and #2 1). $400 2). $350
  5. Looking to thin out my bookcase a bit. 1). Japanese Swordsmiths: Commemorative Centenary Edition by Hawley. List of over 30,000 smiths with signatures in English and Kanji. Includes original box and two fold-out charts. $450 2). Tsuba Kanshoki by Torigoye. 555 pages, hundreds of iron tsuba in black and white. Mostly in Japanese with a few words in English for each tsuba. Cloth bound with a cardboard slipcase. $400 3). An Oshigata Book of Modern Japanese Swordsmiths 1868-1945 by Slough. Second Printing 2004 version. Hardbound, 272 pages. $Sold 4). Japanese Daggers by Suzuki. In Japanese. Hardbound with a dust jacket and plastic cover. Tantos from all periods in black and white photos. Includes a spiral bound copy of the JSSUS English translation. $100 5). All nine issues of Bushido magazine. 48 pages each in English. 7X10", 1979-1981. $75 Prices include media mail shipping in the US. International shipping will be added depending on destination. If you're interested leave a note below and send me a PM. Thanks for looking.
  6. That's the canned feedback that a seller gives a buyer, since you can't give buyers negative feedback any more. You have to click on feedback as a seller up above to see all the makeup, pillow cases, and wallets that he normally sells.
  7. Up for sale is a Kikuhira katana. He was active during the Jokyo era (1684-1688). Fujishiro ranking Chu Saku, Toko Taikan ranking 2.5 Million yen, and Hawley ranking 25 points. Includes NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon papers. The tachi-mei: Dai Hokkyo Iga no Kami Nyudo Minamoto Kikuhira. This is Kikuhira's long mei and includes the kiku-mon. Tanobe Michihiro Saya-gaki: "Hizen kuni Iga no Kami Minamoto Kikuhira. 11 kanji mei plus kiku-mon with Kaga style nakago-jiri. It is said that he moved from Kaga to Hizen during the Kanbun era. This blade has big midare pattern hamon showing his wide range and the high quality of his skills clearly." Kikuhira was originally from Kaga and moved to Hizen during the Kanbun era. He held the Buddhist priest rank of hokkyo. He was killed by the 4th generation Hizen Tadayoshi. It seems Kikuhira had an affair with the yondai Tadayoshi's wife. When news of the affair surfaced, Tadayoshi killed both his wife and Kikuhira and then remarried. The blade is jo-sun length at just over 69cm, in full polish, with crisp geometry. Includes a gold foil habaki, deluxe shirasaya with Tanobe's saya-gaki, and NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon papers. $12,000 gets it to your door in the US, that includes PayPal fees, postage, and insurance. Elsewhere we'd have to work out the details.
  8. The picture is still there in the item description. The seller is only allowed to put 12 pictures in the area at the top of the listing. Some sellers add more photos in the description area.
  9. It's my sword. I listed it on NMB last March, but didn't get any interest, so about a month ago I put it on eBay. Anything I list on eBay is US sales only, simply because eBay tends to side with buyers, as does PayPal. Unless a seller has indisputable evidence (and sometimes even that won't work) eBay gives the buyers the benefit of the doubt and in a lot of cases automatically refunds them. I can't always get indisputable evidence in foreign countries or argue with their customs officials. I've been burned enough that it's just not worth shipping international on eBay. I'm not saying I've never been burned by US buyers, but it's just easier to fight it. The NMB sales link above doesn't say no foreign sales, but yes I'd prefer to sell in the US. I've sold several tsuba international, filling out a customs form is no big deal and shipping is relatively reasonable. The big deal for blades is the shipping cost and value which influences customs fees on the other end. Not to mention the threads on here of cases of customs (or shippers) destroying blades because of some asinine rule. USPS will ship international, but with limited insurance and lately with a serious lack of reliability anywhere. FedEx and UPS not much better insurance wise. So...not absolutely opposed to selling blades international, just leery. Hope that makes some kind of sense and thanks again for the kind words.
  10. Thanks for the kind words guys. Any buyer will be very happy with this one!!
  11. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Peter, I appreciate it. Sendai Kunikane is a very interesting line that made some beautiful blades. I think this one represents the school very well.
  12. Up for sale is a Wakizashi attributed to Sendai Kunikane with Koshirae and NBTHK Hozon. Beautiful blade with stunning Masame hada and Suguha hamon. NBTHK doesn't say which generation Kunikane, but the quality of the forging hints at one of the earlier generations. Nagasa is 48.8cm, 6X31mm at the machi, 4X21mm at the yokote. Unaltered and in very good polish. Comes with a nice kosherae and shirasaya to complete the package. Shipping to the US only. SOLD
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