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  1. Still available. Price drop to $5150. Wayne
  2. Package deal on #3 and #5, $175 for both.
  3. Good idea Ken!! How about a ruler, a dime, and a little Navy advertising.
  4. #4 sold #3 and #5 still available.
  5. Up for sale are four Japanese coins: 1 Gold 2 Bu coin, 1859-1869, 19mmX12mm 2 Silver 1 Bu coins, 1859-1868, 23mmX15mm and 24mmX16mm 1 Silver 1 Shu coin, 1853-1865, 15mmX9mm Selling as a group only. $250 to your door in the US, international shipping will be extra depending on location. Send a PM if you're interested. Wayne
  6. Up for sale is a Sagami no kami Fujiwara Hiroshige wakizashi. This smith is from the Bushu Shitahara tradition. There were seven generations that ran from beginning of Shinto to the restoration. This one is by the second generation, Kanbun Period, 1661-1673, Fujishiro Ranking Chu Saku, Hawley Ranking 15 points. Blade is in an old polish, but all the workmanship of the blade can be seen. This is an ubu blade, signed, with only the original ana. Papered by NTHK-NPO. Nagasa 52.8cm, kasane 7mm, motohaba 3.2cm, sakihaba 2.3cm. This is a healthy blade that comes with the NTHK-NPO Kanteisho paper, silver foil habaki, shirasaya, and a storage bag. $2950 to your door in the US. If interested leave a note below and send me a PM. Thanks for looking. Wayne
  7. A few books up for sale. 1) Mino-To: Swords and Swordsmiths of Mino Province and the Mino-To Supplement by Malcom Cox. Soft bound, in English, 268 and 34 pages respectively. A wealth of information on Mino school and smiths. Both are in nice used condition. $Sold 2) The Art Appreciation of Japanese Sword Fittings by Fukushi Shigeo. Soft bound, in English and Japanese, 418 pages. Great selection of fittings, with captions in both languages. The English captions discuss what is depicted on the piece and a bit about the symbolism and lore, great information. Excellent condition. $Sold 3) Only Fittings: Japanese Sword Furniture from an Old English Collection Part 1, from Sydney Moss Ltd. Hard bound, 70 pages, in English. Pictures and captions for 120 items. Good pictures, in color, of some very nice items. Excellent condition. $50 4) Kokusai Tosogu Kai: The Samurai Collection, 13th Convention 2017. Hard bound with slip case, 94 pages, in English and Japanese. The Kokusai Tosogu Kai is a private club for high end kodogu collectors. Every year they have a member's convention and publish a book. Beautiful examples, in color, with lots of great information on each piece. Excellent condition. $90 5) Nihon Toban Zusetsu by Takezawa Masao. Hard bound in slipcase, 277 pages in Japanese with a list of plates in English. 735 B&W life-size pictures of tsuba arranged by school. This is a large book, 10 1/4" X 13 1/2". The slip cover is badly damaged and in two pieces, the book has a couple of bumps to the cover, but is otherwise in excellent condition. A hard to find, limited edition book, with a reduced price due to the damage. $160 Prices include shipping in the US. International shipping will be extra depending on location. If interested leave a note here and send me a PM. Thanks for looking. Wayne
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