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  1. #1 available again, so #1 and #3 still available.
  2. Yes Brian, I did cut and paste from an earlier thread from here. I'll try to do better next time. Yup, I see it. It's at the bottom of the box
  3. I've seen you mention that in other threads. I'm using the default setup for posting, sounds like it doesn't like dark mode.
  4. #1, 4, 5, and 6 all SPF
  5. PM answered and still available.
  6. A few Tsuba up for sale. Working on downsizing, so these are looking for a new home. #1. Heavy Tsuba, shakudo?, multiple inlays. 83mm X 81mm, 4mm rim, nakago ana 27mm X 10mm. $Sold #2. Bronze Carp Tsuba. 70mm X 67mm, 4mm rim, nakago ana 27mm X 8mm. $Sold #3. Layered Chrysanthemum Tsuba, rim slightly loose . 70mm X 69mm, 4mm rim, nakago ana 26mm X 8mm. $225 #4. Shakudo Tsuba, gold and silver inlay, dragons around the rime with Ho birds and flowers on the plate.. 74mm X 67mm, 5mm rim, nakago ana 26mm X 7mm. $Sold #5. Iron Tsuba, leaves. 68mm X 65mm, 4mm rim, nakago ana 26mm X 9mm. $Sold #6. Yamagane Tsuba, tadpoles. 71mm X 66mm, 5mm rim, nakago ana 27mm X 9mm. $Sold All prices are to your door in the US, international I'll split shipping with you. If you're interested leave me a note here and shoot me a PM for details. Thanks, Wayne
  7. I should have quoted post #41. My point is we never really know, signed or mumei, ubu or suriage, it is all an opinion, each as valid as the next when they come from NBTHK or NTHK. Whether it's signed or not, or ubu or not, shouldn't invalidate the opinion, and we never really know as asked in #41.
  8. We have to remember that even the papers on a signed, ubu Kanemoto are still an opinion. It's not a guarantee that it's actually a Kanemoto. For all we know there could be 1000 signed, ubu Kanemoto fakes out there, all made by the same guy, that we now consider to be the originals and the real ones considered fakes, because they aren't like all those others. Maybe a signed, ubu, papered one has a better chance of being an original than a mumei, suriage, papered one but only if we are correct in what we think the originals are supposed to look like. Just my two cents, but I'm firmly of the buy the sword not the signature or papers mindset and don't buy because of an opinion on who made it. Wayne
  9. #1 Sold. #5 still available.
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