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  1. Wow!!! It’s hard to believe something that old can look so exquisitely perfect. Congrats buddy, I am sure the sword is thrilled to have a caretaker as competent as you. The hada is a work of art, the kissaki is beyond clean... you deserve it!
  2. Awesome Jeremiah! You patience has been rewarded with a truely gorgeous blade. The polish looks amazing and the hada is what dreams are made of. Congrats brotha!
  3. Really nice examples Franco. I like the mixture of the negative rabbit with raised background.
  4. It came out gorgeous, congrats! What ever sageo you choice should have gold accent threads going through it to match the F/K and tsuba. They gold really pops out and a gold accented sageo would just look at home on that saya. Nice ????????
  5. Wow Stephen that is a beauty. Might have to grab that one if I can.
  6. I wouldn’t call this set high quality, but it is my first set of genuine tosogu. I just need some menuki to pull it together. It’s pieced together except for the F+K which were made together. The patina matches pretty well. Stephen was a ton of help bringing this set together. We were thinking a predator would make a good menuki set to create balance, but Stephen mentioned moon menuki and the idea really stuck. I am think I like the “tranquility” theme with the moon and rabbit over the prey/predator “balance” theme. Any suggestion on a good menuki set would be appreciated.
  7. Oh man... that rabbit tsuba is beautiful. I wouldn’t that one go either.
  8. I think more than a few people start out learning the hard way as Stephen suggests.
  9. Those are some damn nice rabbits in gold no the less. Awesome
  10. To bad you didn’t win it Stephen, it was a nicely detailed rabbit piece
  11. Great picture Steven. Semper Fi brotha! That is one sweet M14, they are amazing rifles. Thinking about turning mine into M21 configuration with ART optics...
  12. Just noticed the tiger striped shirasaya, very nice! I have an Ishido school katana with a very similar tiger striped shirasaya. I don’t know what it is about thy type of grain pattern, but I’ve always found it extremely attractive. I have an M14 that also has tiger striped wood. Can’t get enough of the stuff. ????????????
  13. Nice tsuba Jeremiah. I really like both of them, but the 2nd one is really attractive. The swirling and edge are very appealing. Congrats bro.
  14. Awesome wak man! Ishido school pieces are something special. Love the activity in the hamon. Congrats man!
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