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  1. Michael, I have all the auction results for the Compton auction. PM me for copies Charlie
  2. cwh3


    Stephen, Question, is this Tsuba old? Appears recent to my eyes, excellent work! Great expression on the Rabbits face. A presentation piece perhaps!? Regardless, I love it. But alas like you, outta my limited budget. Charlie.
  3. Hello Charlie1, Thank you for the update, NTHK is coming to San Fran in 2020. Looks like I will be making plans to attend the show and Shinza. Thank you again, Charlie
  4. Can anyone tell me if there will be a Shinza team at one of the US sword shows in 2020? I have a sword or two to submit for Hozon. Thank you, Charlie
  5. cwh3


    Hi all, Wonderful rabbit displays, even one not directly related to swords! Thank you all for sharing and the supportive comments. Have decided I would sell the Shakado set if there are members interested in this set. I believe they are quite old, some of the gold eyes missing but otherwise in good condition Brian, if there is interest expressed in these I will repost on the sale section with better pictures and size Charlie
  6. cwh3


    Opps, two are upside down, sorry about that. let me repost right side up Charlie
  7. cwh3


    Hello, a bit late on this post of Rabbit motif. also a favorite theme of mine. below is what I have collected over 30 yrs. comments encouraged may consider selling Shakado set, ones in the fitted box. thanks for looking Charlie
  8. Hello, I am interested in this Tachi Koshire. But I need more info before I can decide on purchase. Please provide Saya length and additional photos of the entire Koshire. Thank you, I look forward to your reply, Charlie in up state NY
  9. Opps, please excuse the very blurry photo of the upper portion of the blade. Thought it was better than that. These are a challenge to photograph. Using a I pad. Hope other pictures are of use. I never had the original Gunto mounts for this sword. Came in a beat up metal scabbard for $200. That was lots money ago - to what it looks like now. Charlie
  10. Hello Bruce. My name is Charlie and I have owned a Mentetsu for over 25 years. I would like to add pictures of my sword to your list. Hope I can post pictures haven’t tried this before. I am until now simply a watcher of this forum. Thank you all for the great pictures and information provided. Hope this adds to your library of information.
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