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  1. Form the unfortune of the present owner, this happend really. I do have several scars from the friendly blade. Before this, I called all the legends, as we say in german "Mumpitz" , or in english nonsens. Nowadays. being gray int he beard, i do know that there is a glimpse of truth in those legends. I cant understand why´, but to deny those experience, it does not make sence also.
  2. Sengo Muramasa. Over two decades ago i bought a blade by this smith. It has been pretty cheap. At the moment of buying I did not know the reason for the low price. I learned the reason very fast....Each time I handeld the blade it cut me deeply. At this time I did have over decade experience with sharp nihonto. Therefore it has been very unusual for me to be cut by an blade. A year later, I sold the blade , pretty cheap. Afterwards I called the old owner if did have made the same experience with this nice sword. The answer ? Of course , it was yes. Therefore he sold it so cheap. Years later , I ve been told that the man to whom I sold it, also sold the blade pretty cheap after a year....
  3. The best way in my opinion is the classic electric light bulb in an darkened room.
  4. Stefan

    Need Help

    Ich schreibe das mal auf Deutsch. einfach Spiritus, Küchentücher und viel Geduld Gruß Stefan
  5. Muji ? I can see super fine ko-hada. Hitatsura ? Do not think so. Looks more like an shirake utsuri. I have seen this on an Amahide blade many years ago. I was surprised to find an utsuri on an Gendaito. But, why not. I have also seen an classic Sudare-Ba on an Horigawa Chikamitsu. Stefan
  6. Stefan

    Restoring Sayagaki

    Im Zweifel, einfach eine neue Shriasaya machen lassen und die alte als Dokument bewahren. Aber niemals, unter keinem Umstand an der Kalligraphie herumfummeln. Auch nicht von einem Profi.Warum ? Es gibt z.:B zu viele gefälschte Sayagaki. Also lieber alt und echt , als den den Nimbus der Fälschung durch Auffrischung. Gruß Stefan
  7. It is Kanabo Masazane , Sue Muromachi Jidai.
  8. It is a good price. Unfortunatley it is already in my library.
  9. Ray was faster than me. It is hitachi no kami muneshige. Stefan
  10. Tsuba removing tool. That is new for me. Ist dies not make sense. Tsuka removing tool, O.K, but Tsuba ? Here is a Tsuka removing tool. http://www.ksky.ne.jp/~sumie99/tools.html Stefan
  11. It is Chu-Mihara in my Opinion.
  12. Low grade blade, gimei. Stefan
  13. In my Opinion, an poor down ground Sue-Koto Tanto. Stefan
  14. Going for Reizen Sadamori. I ve seen an nearly ident coloured hada on an other blade. Stefan
  15. Regarding the boars, PN send. I used the old Tsuba Masafusa thread. Best whishes Stefan
  16. Stefan

    Natsuo Tsuba?

    A fine tsuba, but, the signature does not look good.
  17. There have been several Generations of Tamagawa Yoshihisa. Stefan
  18. Late Shimada style. Does not like it. Stefan
  19. That is funny. i ve been honored to hold this blade several times, but in the photo, it looks totaly different. Dont know why. Nevertheless this a graet blade. Thanks Uwe for showing.
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