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  1. It is Kamuri Otoshi. Blade quality is pretty low. .Slight scratches, O.K, it is out of any polish. To discuss any signatures in this state...no. By the way, i am not sure if the boshi is there. The polish is to crude.
  2. Wow, how did the great polish ? The uzumaki is jumping in my eye. Stefan
  3. Well, I am the last candle on the cake, my big brother is much older. Therefore, no family to give it. My library as my collection I will give to a museum. The Samurai Art Museum in Berlin. Why ? It is a private collection, open to the public. I do think, fine pieces of art should not be hidden. The other possessions, well they go another way. Well, if I become pretty ill bevor my death, it will take a lot of money, than i am forced to sell. But I hope, that god has mercy and let me go in peace. At the moment, i am in good health. I do hope that will be the future for a long time.
  4. Stefan

    Iron KOZUKA

    A fine piece, no doubt. Stefan
  5. I am sorry, but I am smiling. In my beginnings I ve been taught "Do not buy signatures, do not buy papers, jugde the sword itself" Well now, I am sitting here at my writing desk and i see that we will go back to the beginnings. Last time we reached this point in the eighties, after all the fuss about the Yakuza papers. I am pretty sure in the not to far future, the paper game will start again. So dear friends, one more round and cheerio to the believe in authoritarians
  6. Just a few Moments ago I saw a Naoe-Shizu Ko-Katana witrh Koshirae, Blade TH . Price ? 5000 $. Severral days ago a Satsuma Shinto Katana with Koshirae for 6000, also TH The normal Price for Wakizashi with T.H. 4000-5500 etc. Tanto even less. Nobody will pay your prices at the moment Peter. The Prices are in the cellar, buisness is down. God time for buying, hard times for sellers.
  7. Goto Mitsu ? 19 th century. the text deals with the history of this man which began, fas as i understand in 1816 ( Bunka 13 ). Stefan
  8. Shinshinto, not good quality. Yasutsugu, no. Masamune, never ever. Deki does not match. I do hope it was not to expensive. Stefan
  9. Verry good books, and a verry good price ! Unfortunately I do own them already, otherwise I would by. Stefan
  10. Hakogaki Right colum : Den Nara Left one : Middle Edo Stefan
  11. Wow, a ruined blade. Nice acid polish. I do hope the aoko was not to expensive.............. Stefan
  12. Where is the problem. You ve made an mistake as we all do from time to time. So what. Don´t worry about that. Greetings from Germany Stefan
  13. Stefan


    I do think an nice video about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6gZwdAgV9w
  14. Stefan

    Muramasa Naginata?

    Hm, during oer 30 years in the fields of nihonto i learned :First jugde the blade, than the signature. If the blade says no, than it means nope. On the other hand, I ve seen many stranghe signatures which have been papered by the NBTHK. Far as i can see, this blade is Sue-Koto Mino. Sengo, no. i handled three and i owned once a Muramasa. but this one, nope, never ever. But ! nevertheless, the blade is nod bad, even beeing Gimei.
  15. You re German , therefore : Lieben Dank auch aus meiner Ecke. ich sage meistens nichts dazu, lese es aber sehr interessiert. Viel. kommst ja mal nach Berlin ins Museum, Schwerter gucken. Stefan
  16. Well, now I do have an laugh applicable. My tea is spread over the desk. The best joke this year.
  17. Well, for me, and i do think for most of us, there is a feeling of beeing honered by a master , who shows us how the beauty of kodogu is born. By the way, You are not the only tosogaholic. To introduce myself : Hi, I am Stefan, a kinko-fetishist
  18. In my humble point of view the hada points toward Ko-Uda.
  19. The school of fencing did have an strong influence of the shape and weight of the blades. By example. Satsuma blades, thick, heavy, strong blades. The reason for this ? The jigen ryu kenjutsu requires extreme strong blades. In the old days, while Samurai did their training with sharp swords, they used also trees for their training. Today there are still cuts visible on them. The Jigen ryu was most popular during the Edo Period, and just in that time, the Satsuma toko developed their style. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVSONNESfyE
  20. It would be nice if we can find out how to purchase one book- Stefan
  21. Your are joking. Before intact patina, after a ruined surface. I would prefer a litle dirt in the corners. Stefan
  22. The curator of the Museum in Armour. Nice viewing. A nice Person wearing an nice armour. Stefan
  23. Stefan

    Ikkin Tsuba

    The signature looks good, the workmanship of the the whole tsuba does not. The birds are clumsy, wrong chiselmarks. I would buy this only as gimei Stefan
  24. Stefan

    Katana help

    Far as I can see, Takaka-no ha Yasurime. That does point to Mino. The Hamon looks like Kanesada School etc. Stefan
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