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  1. Of coarse the kissaki can polished to the point that all features are visible during an madoake. That does not mean that the whole narume procedure is done. After uchigumori the hamon should be clearly visible, the narume is only for whitening. Here is an example why it is an good idea to open a window. Part of the blade is healthy, the rest is nearly dead. Will be the madoake damaged during the polishing process of the wohle blade. Well, the foundation is there, only the finish will be done again in order to blend with the rest of the balde.
  2. A pleasure to see an fine blade with real sashikomi polish, not the "acid enhanced" version as normal in our times.
  3. Early Mino, Soshu with Yamto mixed in, I go for Naoe Shizu
  4. Late green paper, worthless. Kanzan Sayagaki, looks strange. Mei, to many differences. Red Flag. By the way the shape is wrong and the nakago looks to young.
  5. To strong sori, mizu-kage, shinae, all points for sai ha.
  6. Ähm, It has not the shape of the period of Dewa Daijo, the hori is wrong. yasurime does not match. Gimei. Hada and hamon can not be juged with these pictures.
  7. Typical Keicho-suriage. therfore the blade is earlier than keicho. If we see the original sugata ( simply foll the line of the mune up to the point of suriage ) we will have an strong saki-sori. Middle to late muromachi. Can not see the hamon or the jihada. From the first impression i would say mino, but I do not see enough to confirm.
  8. Stefan

    Kantei challenge

    Shinshinto, cleary by sugata etc . Bizen ? There is one fine point in the kitae to see the Yokoyama. The swirl like Yokoyama kitae, an whirlpool mixture of moku and itame. in ko-hada format. Bo utsuri in Yokoyama, not so unusual. Seen on Sukekane and so on. Suguha dito. The double machi miracle, are Youre joking ? That is not original, that is machiokuri in gruseome style. Please keep in mind. Every nakago has an minimal nakago funbari. If this is gone, than something is wrong. To jugdge the quality of this piece higher than Rai Kunitoshi, well; some say chemical pear aroma is better than the original pear. By the way, Yokoyama Kitae is not Yamashiro hada, An nie utsuri in bo formation is not the same as an bo utsuri in normal form. The ko nie-deki of Yokoyama ist not to compare with the elegant nie of Rai. The great differance in quality is the balance between the elements. In these terms, there are worlds between Kunitoshi and Nanabo Yokoyama. Sorry for the , probably harsh words, but sometimes study together is an hard time, isn it ?
  9. Each sword is worth what some one is willed to pay. It is not the job of the seller to do the homework for the buyer.
  10. Late Sue Koto. Sugata is neither Kanbun, Keicho, Keian, Genroku or what so ever. The nakago is sligjtly machi okuri, please see the nakogo funbari by example. Hamon, Looks like the typical Sue-Mino mixture, but not the typical Kanemoto-Style.
  11. Bad news first. the blade is gimei. the shape is wrong, the horimono is not in the Kotetsu manner. The hori is of no good quality. -Atobori ? I do not konw. Signature looks also bad. Goode news : The F.K are realy good, i would think early hamano.
  12. Rai utsuri is mostly nie-utsuri, not only bo. I never seen a copy by Kanesada etrc with nie utsuri, only with shirake or simple bo.
  13. Hm Looks like an very late Shinto or early Shinshintio blade. All the other things I can not tell. I can see nor the hamon or the Jihada. There is a hardend portion, but the real hamon, nie / nio , i can not see. If You want to know what Yo do have, madoake, openeing a window. Means polishing a small section of the sword. This way is much cheaper than a full polish for the whole sword. Stefan
  14. It is Kamuri Otoshi. Blade quality is pretty low. .Slight scratches, O.K, it is out of any polish. To discuss any signatures in this state...no. By the way, i am not sure if the boshi is there. The polish is to crude.
  15. Wow, how did the great polish ? The uzumaki is jumping in my eye. Stefan
  16. Well, I am the last candle on the cake, my big brother is much older. Therefore, no family to give it. My library as my collection I will give to a museum. The Samurai Art Museum in Berlin. Why ? It is a private collection, open to the public. I do think, fine pieces of art should not be hidden. The other possessions, well they go another way. Well, if I become pretty ill bevor my death, it will take a lot of money, than i am forced to sell. But I hope, that god has mercy and let me go in peace. At the moment, i am in good health. I do hope that will be the future for a long time.
  17. Stefan

    Iron KOZUKA

    A fine piece, no doubt. Stefan
  18. I am sorry, but I am smiling. In my beginnings I ve been taught "Do not buy signatures, do not buy papers, jugde the sword itself" Well now, I am sitting here at my writing desk and i see that we will go back to the beginnings. Last time we reached this point in the eighties, after all the fuss about the Yakuza papers. I am pretty sure in the not to far future, the paper game will start again. So dear friends, one more round and cheerio to the believe in authoritarians
  19. Just a few Moments ago I saw a Naoe-Shizu Ko-Katana witrh Koshirae, Blade TH . Price ? 5000 $. Severral days ago a Satsuma Shinto Katana with Koshirae for 6000, also TH The normal Price for Wakizashi with T.H. 4000-5500 etc. Tanto even less. Nobody will pay your prices at the moment Peter. The Prices are in the cellar, buisness is down. God time for buying, hard times for sellers.
  20. Goto Mitsu ? 19 th century. the text deals with the history of this man which began, fas as i understand in 1816 ( Bunka 13 ). Stefan
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