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  1. Wow, thank you so much for your replies. I really appreciate it. Kind regards Christian
  2. Hi together, I bought a Tachi recently and know that there is an attribution to Hosho Goro Sadamune on this saya but I cannot translate the whole sayagaki. Maybe there is some useful Information on it. If someone could help this would be great. Thank you! Christian
  3. Hi together, thank you for the good replies. As I am also a collector of european swords I am fimilar wird layer pattern in steel, but the structure on this tanto seems to be different, thats why I am asking here. I added another picture where one can see that these lines are harder areas that stand out from (some long time ago) polishing. It could be something with different steels but I also have such blades like Sansei was showing and they look pretty different to me.
  4. Ok, thank you a lot. But shouldn't it be more prominent then? It is very dense and as i said it is hard to see with naked eyes. Maybe next picture explains it. The motohaba is 2cm.
  5. Thanks for the link, yes this helps because it explains the difference between chikei as an effect from hardening and as a simple steel layer pattern from mixed steels. I think it is quiet similar to the difference from wootz steel and pattern welded steel.
  6. Hi, thanks for the answers. I already read about chikei but was not aware what it actually is. Is it something what is good to see on blades or is it something what is very common. I just ask because i did not see it on any of my other swords.
  7. Hi, i bought some swords in the past and came across one small Tanto with a hada that looks strange for me. It's hard to see with the eyes but I handle to made a picture of it. Any ideas what this is called? I know the state ot the blade is not the best...
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