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  1. Kanekage, Probably Mino Sue Koto. Greets Stefan
  2. Nice blade. The signature is gimei in my opinion. The rust does not look natural. I think the kanji were added at a later date. Greetings Stefan
  3. Echizen Daijo Tadayuki ? Greets Stefan
  4. A joke ? This blade is poor workmanship for KIyondo.The Price... By the way, an closed ware is not an forging flaw
  5. I do not think that this is a side to learn from. The explanation of "boshi" is funny enough and storytelling. "http://www.japaneseweapons.com/katana/shurui/english.htm" Even the comment on blade tips , great. Nanki Shigekuni is Shinshin-To. Greets Stefan
  6. It is a minature sankaku yari. Shinto-period. Greets Stefan
  7. I see that I do see nothing. No pics ?
  8. Naturally not, but nevertheless it has been a fine blade.
  9. Why to shorten an shinshinto blade. Well it must look like koto simply in order to achieve an higher selling price. I did have the honour to handle an Hosoda Naomasa ( brother of Kajihei ) blade. For the untrained eye ? Wow ! Nambokucho three times shortend. The Saya-Gaki did say "Chogi". A forgery in the sweetest Soden-style. Nevertheles, a good blade.
  10. Two Utsuri ? I do not think so. It is either a problem of the polish or the result of the construction of the blade. In my point of vie the first one is the case. Often one finds "utsuri" near the shinogi. In those cases the lazy polisher did not use the jitsuya enough near the shinogi in fear to disturb it. A similar effect is true in the cases of the migaki-ji in the shinogiji. I ve seen this many times.
  11. I did also work with Mr. Doffin. Perfect comunication, perfect service. Simply great. Unfotunately my funds are not great enough to by seriously in his book candy-shop. So many seldom and fine books in prestine conditon...
  12. Stefan


    Shikkake with Sakisori ? In the later works the feature dimished. Why not Mino ? I ve seen this several times before on such blades.
  13. Stefan


    O.K. I see. Than only one question : Why is the stamp longish an not ident with the other one. Probably a stupid question, but after seeing to many fake papers i am pretty nitpicking about such details.
  14. The strange sori is O.K for shinto Takada. I did own an Tadayuki wakizashi with the same features.
  15. Stefan


    I do think that the green paper is fake. Please take a close look on the stamp above the nakago photo. It should have the exakt same dimensions as the stamp below the name of the society. If my old eyes are not playjng a trick to me, the stamp over the nakago is more longish and it is broken. There seems to be a gap.
  16. Oh, stupidity. Here in Berlin we did have funny times. Before the "Wende" ( political turn ) ( 1989 ) weapons were not allowed. Antiques, yes.. Some of our custom officers took old Nihonto as weapons and voila, they broke the blade tip to make it blunt..... No , I am not joking.
  17. In my years off collecting and study I do have only one bad experience. It was an Daisho with fresh polished blades in Koshirae. As the parcel arrieved the tip of both blades stuck out of the sayajiri and the saya and the polish were ruined. Fine, the lacquer of daimyo quality has had been freshly restored. I do not know what the parcel service has done with the parcel. Thrown it out of the window ? It took over half an year to get the money for repair from the parcel service.... All the other blades I did send and receive arrived without damage.
  18. Please keep in mind, times are changing. In the beginning of my nihonto hobby, gendaito has been cheap. 600 bugs for an Chikamitsu in polish by example.( This blade did have an extrem sudareba hamon, really nice ) 600 Bugs, today 300 Euro.... Another example or finding : A Shinshinto Blade in complete Mino-Goto.-Mounts of the best quality. 800 Deutsch Mark ( DM ) at this time. Today only the tsuba will be priced like this. In those time the internet has not been in existance. Today, in the international time, prices for mediorcer blades do explode. Oh it is an Jumei tosho, wow, 3000 $... On the other hand, the prices for slightly higer priced blades are acting like waves. I do think that there ist an connection with the always actual paper problem. ( Yakuza and the NBTHk, Eto the Whistleblower, the NTHK Shisma etc ). The only things which does not change : Junk will allways be junk. Super High class will never be cheap. But to be true : In the meantime, even junk is expensive for what it is. 500 Euro for an unhardend blade with false signature... No, that is not an exception
  19. Unfortunatly, I must agree. There is something wrong with the nakago. The Sabi partially peels of. This is not a good sign. In most cases it is a sign of repatination or forgery. I do hope that i am wrong. Stefan
  20. Uchiko is always bad. I use cleaning alcohol. It does not scratch the blade, nor does it harm the polish in terms of weakening the hadori. After using uchiko over the years any hadori is gone an one ends up with an ugly form of pseudo sashikomi..
  21. Stefan

    Gimei On Tosogu

    I knew that is possible to remove Gimei on swordblades. But how is it in the terms of tosogu ? I knew that in swordblades the signature ist punched in ( therefore the makura ) and in tosogu they are carved. In my understanding there is no material to be pushed back in tosogu. I have no idea how an Gimei can been removed here. It is possible to get papers on tosogu with a false signature ? ( If the the same rules are applied as in blades the answer would be "NO" ) I am not sure.
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