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  1. thanks ,the sword comes with white papers dated around 1975 are they accurate?
  2. Hi, Does this Mei translate relating to Kami Fiji wara Nobataka
  3. Still trying to work out these Mei things don't think I have enough time left to lean at my age, This sword is described as Tanba No Kami Yoshimichi ? but I am confused by the Kami Kanji as from what I was reading this part is done like the Osaka branch[were the dot stroke points straight down] and yet this sword has a Kiku mon like only the Kyoto branch used. Thanks Mark
  4. Thanks its not a good photo as I had to take a photo the computer screen.can,t find anything about the smith to look for characteristics.
  5. Hi, help please on this should be very easy for you guys but I'm very new to this and a timeframe please
  6. Markdd

    Help please

    thanks ill think I will pass.
  7. Markdd

    Help please

    Seen this blade for sale sellers photos are not good ? is it worth asking for some better photos.
  8. the blade is amazing and almost flawless the steel is a beauty to behold just wish my photography skills could do it justice
  9. gets very close but as it is so old it can be forgiven, sure it has seen so many battles through the ages,I did find a surrendering officer from the area were it was supposably captured with the same name as the family mon on it, who was for a japapanese person quite tall ,the sword must have belonged to someone of large stature so I assume that it must have belonged to Lieutenant General Hidemitsu Nakano who's father had been a samurai retainer
  10. Hi, peoples opinions on the boshi differ ?wether its important or not some swords are so nice with very little or no boshi left you can't let them fall by the wayside, one of my favourite blades the boshi is very close to the edge which considering how old it is and the service it has seen pherhaps normal and its better imo preserved than not. Mark only just hangs on.
  11. Hi, seen this for sale only photos there is any opinions please. Thanks Mark
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