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  1. Markdd

    2x tosogu

    Hi, Picked these up several years ago in a antique shop only have the wooden blades in was hoping one day to find something to fit them? what sort of age are they. Thanks Mark
  2. Hi, My first sword was obtained about 30 years ago it was obtained from a local junk shop ww2 mounts and combat cover well out of polish and was not a looker ,knew even less in those days than I do now think I made a mistake in getting rid of it as it had a flat mune something that I had no idea of at the time but something that I have not seen since did I part with something good I will never know, the next was a mid war example that I sold years ago. Mark
  3. Hi, Didn't think people were that interested in the fittings ,how do you tell quality from ordinary fittings. Mark
  4. Hi, Newbie here a slightly 58 year old collected Militaria fo approx 50 years mainly 3rd reich stuff got far too much these days so decided to sell things to fund my passion for the japanse sword which I have held since a kid spent 20 years dong Karate ,did get my first sword over 40 years ago knew even less than I do now ,think I made a mistake letting it go looking back as the mune was flat something I have never seen since. Mark
  5. Hi, Thanks John for those valuable comments ,the 5k was about the max I was willing to spend, do the US dealers have no problem then shipping to the uk, as some from the US don't like sending things here. Mark
  6. Hi, looking at the on forum dealer pages must admit I'm very tempted by one sword from the US ,but rather scared to do it ,have imported various things over the years and anything from the USA always seems to get slaughtered by customs? What cost am I looking at by the time a sword gets here per £1000 spent and is it the same from wherever they come from, Mark
  7. Hi, John a couple of questions for yours it easy and safe to import swords from Japan had been looking at some on samuraistore.com , do you just order pay they arrive in the uk and then pay the charges. what sort of costs would I be looking at to import a sword say for instance I was to spend 5k on a sword what would the final bill be,then I could work it out either ways it a fixed amount per pound? Also I see some swords from Japan come with no papers is there a reason some do and some don't is it because if they were submitted they would not pass or some other reason. Thanks for any help mark
  8. Hi, could the un uniformity of the tang rust be due to the machi being moved when it was shortened so that part at the tang was not rusted and the original part of the tang was already rusted so as it all carried on rusting it never catches up? measurements are nagasa=15.5in nakago=4in sori= 3/8th in must admit I'm not to. keen on the tuba either . Mark
  9. Hi, he didnt give any details just a opinion based on it having a bo-hi, but then again he know as much as me will look at the points you have raised and see if I can take any photos of the boshi. Thanks for the input mark
  10. Hi, whats a washboard? done by John Bolton in the uk
  11. Hi,got 3 books Connoisseur, military swords modern Japanese swordsmiths and facts and fundamentals on the way, Any more I should be looking at. Thanks Mark
  12. Hi, Didn't mean original fittings back to when the blade was made just fittings that it was last mounted in, did look at a pair of swords at unique Japan but they had gone before I could find the funds locking back they would have been a better buy than numerous single swords, will enjoy looking at all the threads on here in the meantime. Thanks Mark
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