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  1. Hi, seen this for sale only photos there is any opinions please. Thanks Mark
  2. Markdd

    Sword fittings

    Hi, what period are these sword fittings ?are they good or poor quality Thanks mark
  3. Hi, seem this sword for sale seller does not give very good photos said to be a shrine presentation sword.
  4. Hi, what type of wood is best for display cases assume mahogany but what other woods are suitable. Mark
  5. Hi, found it, think ill pass on this sword blades not to good pity really because it turned up locally complete with the surrender tag and a box of the vets effects including his soldier book. Mark
  6. Hi, Well after the death of Prince Philip I was wondering if the British Royal family had any Japanese swords presented to them ,As he was in Tokyo Bay for the surrender and possibly the only Royal there I was wondering if he was presented one there ?or any others that have been given over the years to them? Perhaps they have the Honjo Masamune. I always find this photo of the surrender fascinating Mark
  7. Hi, Someone translated this as seki ju Kawamura Masanobu Saku but I can't find a SHO stamp.sorry for the bad photo. Mark Mark
  8. Can you put a claim in against the shipping company show them before and after photos hopefully its the only damage sustained ,can we see the rest of the sword. <Mark
  9. Bryan is this the sword you were waiting for. Mark
  10. Hi,

    Has your sword arrived yet.


    1. Bryan B

      Bryan B

      Hi Mark

      payed the customs charge this morning so should be here tomorrow 😅

    2. Markdd


      great news

  11. Hi, I paid the charge at my local depot not at the coventry hub they sent it to them before I knew about the charge. Mark
  12. Hi, Thanks for the info. Mark
  13. Hi, thanks for the link how do you control humidity and dust etc I had a cabinet built for my other military collectables ,sealing the cabinet unfortunately does not work for some strange reason it still gets dusty and mildew tends to form,I solved it by pumping filterd dehumidified air from the room that in was in ,into the cabinet ie positive air pressure stops dust coming back into the cabinet as long as I change the filter paper[I use cooker hood filter paper] it minimise's the dust problem and no mildew or rust ,only problem it wasn't made for swords and they are rather difficult to get out and non of the glass is wide enough to see them think it's time to build another. Mark
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