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  1. japanszwaard.nl has some nice ones one in particular caught my eye both paperd to the same smith with original Koshirae ,but I would have to win the lottery. Mark
  2. thanks will post some photos when I get them, any idea to the small circle further up the Nakago.
  3. Markdd


    my terrible photos I'm afraid its still in its last wartime polish which looks good in hnd but shows up the scratches when magnified ,it could do with a new polish but really need to see if it is justified.
  4. Hi, help please with this assume part is missing and what is the circle about the top Menuki -Ana only photos I have asked for some more. thanks Mark
  5. Markdd


    to hard to take photos that really show what the eye can see on close ups its more apparent that it needs a polish but need to see if im on the right track, here is the best one I can get to show the pointed flame like Boshi. Thanks Mark
  6. I had some sleepless nights as I have only imported the one from Japan and as I really knew nothing about the company I paid by cc just in case assume that this is your first time,I had to chase mine up with parcel force as they had it sat in their warehouse for over 2 weeks.
  7. Markdd


    the blue dots follow the boshi the line thats the red dots do not exist shadow or something photo related .will try again.
  8. Hi, even though I am new to the Japanese sword I have collected Militaria for over 50 years, something of every thing thing to maintain a comfortable environment for every thing is a challenge, about 20 years ago I had built a display cabinet for the more precious things in my collection, trial and error to what I now runs ,As Michael S says about 45-50% takes care of the rust aspect I keep some in and some out of scabbards/shirashasa others on display. I initially sealed the display cases but that did not work as mildew can become a problem, I removed the seals now I force air through a filter system to prevent mildew and dust from a dehumidified room, the new desiccant style dehumidifiers are a lot better than the older compressor type as they also heat the air to provide a more stable atmosphere, This year I am going to build a dedicated sword display cabinet to make them easier to get in and out and it does not have to be as deep as my cabinets. Brian B I do like your cabinet. Mark
  9. don't you just love uk customs.
  10. Markdd


    Hi, Will after take some more photos as I see your point from these the sedaow does make it look like that but in the hand not at all the Hamon on the boshi is as wide as the rest of the Hamon.
  11. better off having the papers on the outside of the box,
  12. Markdd


    my mistake you are correct
  13. Markdd


    Trying to improve my photo skills still don't know what im doing but some come out rather good at times. This sword has intrigue me since I got it the steel is a best in the hands ,just trying to point it in the right dirrection,it has been shortened and the Nakago reshaped but I think the remains of a Mei still remain but due to the heavy file makes it is to difficult to capture. new to all this so please bear with me. decided its Bizen and a bit older than I first thought the boshi has what appears to be a point which appears is not that common so a long shot is the boshi the style thats attributed to Kanemitsu hada as can be seen is very tight and the Hamon is like his work, will probably need more photos but theses are a start. Mark
  14. Markdd


    Hi, koto ,the Mei is Bichu Kami Tachibana Yashuhiro was trying to see if the hada was a representative of his work. Mark
  15. Markdd


    Hi, Been try my hand at photography of one of my blades must have took 1000 photos but still can't get the hang of it but one does manage to show the hada of one of my blades ,what type of hada is this. Mark
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