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  1. Sorry-, very busy here, I'll get you info this coming week. Thanks for your patience. louie
  2. All prices in USD, shipping extra Fujishiro, koto and shinto. 180 Japanese spears, 60 Swords of Wizen. - Fimio 60 Nihonto Koza Koto 1 $200, 2 $200, 3 $200, Shinto $200, Shinshinto $200 or 900 for them all 100 Masterpies Comptom. 100 Hawleys 1 and 2. Used. 250 Token Bijutsu Fimio 1 and 2 150 Modern Japanese Swordsmiths Kapp 30 Modern Japanese swordsmiths Slough 115 Art of Japanese sword polishing 30 Japanese sword blades Dobree 15 Early Famous works. Koen. 20 Pierres et Sabres, Japanese sword polishing 60 New generation Japanese sword smiths 50 Yaskunio swords 40 Art of the Japanese sword Kawachi 40 Bushido, All 9. 75 Hawleys intro to swords. 30 Auction catalogs 15 each Teiryo Yoji one tiny picture cut out for some reason. 180 Kanzen Token Koza 1,2,3 (two of number 3),4,5 $350 for them all pm me and I can provide pictures
  3. Hi All, with other interests taking precedence I'll be selling off my polishing stones and equipment, I only bought the best stones for polishing and have many, as well as many pounds of finger stones and other very hard to find polishing equipment. Too much to list so please PM me with requests. Located in Canada. Pictured are Komanagurado and uchigumori as examples. Cheers. Louie
  4. Hey Dirk! I hope all is well. Louie
  5. price reduced to 1250usd shipping to canada and the usa included.
  6. Hi All, I've posted some blades on ebay, have a look if interested: You can follow the link to my other auctions. Cheers. http://www.ebay.com/itm/182380031831?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  7. Hey all, a great price on this piece so have at it. If it doesn't sell in short order it goes back on the wall. A very unique and special Jumonji Yari made by Hisayuki in the style of Kanabo Masazane, this was a special order piece, here is a translation: "Fujiwara Hisayuki Tsukuru Kore", "Ino Yoshitora Kanabo Masazane nokatachi konomu, sazuku Suganuma Yasusada". Something to the effect of A special order blade made for Suganuma Yasusada in the style of Kanabo Masazane, Made by Fujiwara Hisayuki. What makes this so special is that this blade was forged by master Swordsmith Fujiwara Hisayuki in the mid 1800's, in the style of a great Master swordsmith Masazane from Kanabo, so it is a historical copy of a great smiths work....better than any textbook can ever explain to us. Also, the Jumonji yari was extremely difficult to produce, and this is a very high quality yari unlike the countless mass produced pieces we find over the years. This piece deserves restoration and I do not have time as my attention is elsewhere. It will surely receive Tokubetsu Hozon papers when complete in my estimation. This piece is for sale elsewhere and I do have the right to cancel the auction at any time. Overall length 21.75 inches width 5.75 inches, length from next to tip 7.5 inches, length of nakago 14 inches. all measurements are approximate. Price 1500USD
  8. It really is a formidable weapon thats for sure, not your lumpy low grade jumonji.
  9. I am listing my Jumonji Yari signed: "Fujiwara Hisayuki Tsukuru Kore", "Ino Yoshitora Kanabo Masazane nokatachi konomu, sazuku Suganuma Yasusada". Something to the effect of A special order blade made for Suganuma Yasusada in the style of Kanabo Masazane, Made by Fujiwara Hisayuki. So it's a significant piece as it was made by a great smith in the stye of another great smith, which makes it a great reference piece of a master who forged long ago. I'll be adding pictures next week. Price is $2500.00 USD, bare blade in foundation polish, no visible flaws and none expected, no mounts or shirasaya. Stunning lines, beautiful shape and will be amazing if the new owner has it polished, well it's amazing as it is. I was planning on finishing but do not foresee the time to complete this blade within the next decade so time to pass it on. I purchased it in 2004.
  10. I could be wrong but it looks acid etched, might be just the light.
  11. Like John said. This is better than the touristy garbage or even poor quality Boy's day celebration blades I've seen.
  12. Even if a blade develops an issue in the foundation stage it doesnt mean it is "not in the clear", it just means it has developed an issue in the foundation stage. Many swords are polished with flaws and 'eyesores' but we still love them anyway, usually the merchant decides whether or not to continue with the polish based on ROI. All that being said most major issues can be detected before the blade hits the stone or shortly there after. But as Franco says cautiously optimistic is always a good approach, and I do like Richards verve, I still love every blade I buy and touch. I used to focus on papers then realized I enjoyed looking at the sword more. Cheers and enjoy your sword! I bet you wonder what is under there right....it will keep you up at night! I have about 15 like that:) Louie
  13. Im glad this turned out for you, most times blades are written off on forums they turn out just fine. All the best. louie
  14. Please don't all your faith in the grading system, if you submit a mumei blade 5 different times to the same organization over a period of time you will probably get 2-5 different attributions - i think this has been tested:) Of course when the blade papers to a higher ranked smith we tend to put more faith into that attribution though. The fact it was judged as being re-tempered this time around and not on the green papers does lead one to speculate certain things. As with doctors please do seek a second opinion and then just enjoy the sword and mounts...re-tempered or not. Cheers. louie
  15. Please dont touch this blade. just oil it, do not attempt to remove the rust. even if you start "making" parts for it you could damage it. It is worthy of restoration from a cursory picture look. Cheers. Louie
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