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  1. Interesting set. I think in the direction of the Nagasone
  2. Good observation. This sorts out Yashu. Also no Saotome, Haruta, Bamen.
  3. The characteristics point towards east Japan. However determining a specific school is difficult. Yashu or Soshu are possible. Did you check the frontplate?
  4. This sale was not a succes. The sold lots however reached sometimes crazy prices.
  5. If you want to compare: http://www.saotomebook.com
  6. This is 100% not a Saotome
  7. The Mene armor was also interesting because it was published in 1913, when the collection was sold. A good pedigree is worth something. If you want to buy, but you feel a bit unsure, the nkbkhk papered armors will give you the comfort of a screening by Japans top experts. And the quality of a Saotome kabuto never lies. Th red urushi one (4) however is not a ‘Saotome and nr 3 has a poor quality for the school.
  8. The jujo armors and nkbkhk papered kabuto will be good, I know how they are judged. Have a look at them, nourish your eyes with good stuff and you will learn. I am curious to hear your thoughts gentlemen. Don’t let yourself distract by fantasies and flashy counterparts.
  9. The level is a bit low for Sotheby's if you ask me. Former auctions were better, with more realistic estimates. This is rather Bonhams’ level.
  10. Nice sashimono and wakidate. They look a bit similar though. Coincidence?
  11. Btw, I read a post somewhere about an unexperienced dealer who thought this is a late edo hachi. I think the details speak for themselves
  12. More than a year later, the restoration of the kabuto is finished. First we made a study about it, under the supervision of Nishioka sensei, the No 1 restorer in Japan. After a couple of inquiring months, the work started. The soft metal work was restored by Nishioka’s student R. Soanes. Then urushi and odoshi was taken care of by Zenon Vandamme here in Belgium. I was lucky to find perfect matching kuwagata. Here is the result, with a lot of respect for this 15th century relic.
  13. Luc T


    I think we have to deal with an Ichiguchi kabuto (the koboshi). Robert, do you have a front view?
  14. Luc T


    Hello Robert, two interesting hachi you have there. do you have better pictures? The mei is blurry. the second one is a Nagasone style nanban kabuto, strong Chinese influence
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