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  1. Luc T


    Many maedate are modern. Simply because everyone wants one.
  2. Luc T

    Sotheby`s results

    A lot of good stuff there
  3. Nice haramaki. These things are never cheap.
  4. and those Iwai working in Fukuoka...
  5. don't forget that the Meiko zukan was written around 1730, Matsumya Kazan must have known the schools and their work. The Oie-bo is a evoluted remant of the early hoate. And if the Tokugawa shogunal family wanted to distinguish themselves, the oie-bo was a perfect way to express their undisputable status.
  6. There are a few in the book ‘masked warriors’ too (Aymeric Antien and my collection)
  7. it is a kind of Yasurime. This is the only type of men I know with this feature. very rare.
  8. this is one of the more scarce Iwai men. Are there file marks on the teeth? One of the characteristics of this variation is the lack of the nagashi no ana, and the file strokes on the teeth. I don't know if it is objective to link it to Yozaemon, but it is one of the finest Iwai one can find.
  9. A nice kabuto Alain, but I like the menpo too. interesting research!
  10. It’s this agemaki no kanamono. I saw pictures of the armor, the kanamono are the same style. And yes, this one is missing on the armor.
  11. Quite something Piers, thanks for sharing your experience. here the armor i was referring to. I seems to have a piece of it in my collection
  12. Kusunoki Masashige, the big example for the kamikaze pilots, and all who want to die for the emperor. i know the Minatogawa jinja owns an armor, attributed as his, but in fact made in the 16th century. I would be very happy with some good pictures of this armor.
  13. Well, it all sounds great. I hope for the day the armour community also can gather again.
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