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  1. I would not be surprised if someone made the mei more readable at a certain point. This could well be a real Myōchin Munehisa, the son of sansaku Yoshimichi.
  2. 56 is a rather strange number for a suji kabuto. But also this is an indication of the Tohoku region, and the 16th century. Cherish it Howard, it is a fine kabuto.
  3. Howard, the upper row of rivets is alternating. This was something done by Yoshimichi and his followers. this kabuto looks early, 16th century. But there exist 19th century copies of this style. Anyway, I think yours is early.
  4. The menpo looks interesting, do you have more pictures Gary?
  5. It is made from front to back. The haraidate confirms the Kanto or Tohoku provenance.
  6. But the helmet is clearly a Yoshi product. Made after the techniques of Yoshimichi. No wonder they added a Myochin mei.
  7. It is in French, is that no problem?
  8. Luc T

    horse bamen

    I have no other picture, I wonder when they were used. Only for battle?
  9. Gary, here you have a armor with a long and interesting history. Did you read the study by mr Robert Burawoy?
  10. Luc T

    horse bamen

    I saw these horse muzzles in the Yushukan shrine. Does anyone have more information about this?
  11. Luc T

    Kabuto opinions

    The shape does me thinking on a kozunari, with an extra mabezashi added during the edo period. This happened sometimes.
  12. Luc T

    Kabuto opinions

    Strange shape. Or is the picture taken from too close? It looks like the lower mabezashi has been added later
  13. Stylistic, the chainmail tare does not fit with the splendid lacquer of the menpo.
  14. It looks like you own a fine Zesai armor Robert. This was for a rather high ranking samurai
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