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  1. Luc T

    My armor so far

    hi Gregg, the menpo is a modern reproduction. you better look for an old one, or an hanpo if you want to spend less money.
  2. Luc T

    Myochin armorer info

    Hello Fred, there are more than 7 Muntsugu recorded. do you have more information?
  3. Luc T

    Edo era? or earlier?

    Value is not the same as price.
  4. about the okenari. I bought this okenari a few weeks ago, it is signed 'Joshu ju Narishige saku'. The Joshu smiths are wanted by collectors nowadays, but they are scarce. Do you see the resemblance?
  5. In my opinion the kabuto is certainly worth a professional restoration.
  6. I agree with you Uwe. The okenari has a lot of features that point to a Tohoku or Odawara kabuto. It is possibly older than edo, but again, I can't see this with only this pictures. Myochin? possibly, but it could be pre Myochin too. It is certainly no Haruta, Bamen, Saotome or Nagasone.
  7. I do not dare to suggest a window in the ukebari, a door maybe? :-) no serious. From what I can see, i date this hachi early 15th century
  8. I need good pictures to help with a sufficient answer Peter. It is a illusion to think that everything is visible from the outside.
  9. Hello J.D. Justin, Why do you think it’s not Myochin? (The okenari)
  10. Peter, I think you kabuto is much older than expected. do you have a picture form inside?
  11. Luc T

    Kabuto and Menpo

    We are losing the focus of this topic Gary, do you have more news about the kabuto? Endoscopic examination? the number of rivets per plate? the edge of the plates, are they bent over to fit with the koshimaki?
  12. Luc T

    Kabuto and Menpo

    I also have some medieval European helmets. It is unthinkable that someone make a new liner for these old boys. it is also unthinkable to destroy an old one as they are very rare. the approach is completely different.
  13. Luc T

    Kabuto and Menpo

    An ukebari must have been changed very often during intensive use. Most kabuto have heavily damaged ones, so when you make a new one why not make a window in it? When I was a shinsa member, the Japanese were very suspicious when we saw a closed ukebari. Not at least in the case of a kawari with brand new urushi... but if the owner wanted it to stay closed, a proper judgment was impossible.
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