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  1. I would be grateful for any assistance
  2. I have the hard copy book of the Ott collection sale, some very nice pieces there. I think the Berlin Samurai museum picked up a few pieces from that auction. Yes the Dr Mene armour was not quite the same when it resurfaced.
  3. Uwe, I am correct in saying that these armours were on the field or thought to have been on the field at Sekigahara. Best Graham
  4. With the world of the internet then the majority of items going to auction in whatever collectable market will have been seen before and markets for everything are faster moving these days as is society. The days of the collection never seen for last 100 years will be few and far between, There are the odd things like an armour came up for auction in Paris recently that was published in Ancienne collection du Dr. Mène, Vente Charpentier et Lair-Dubreuil, Hôtel Drouot, 21 avril 1913, n°6 et reproduite au catalogue. That hadn't to my knowledge been seen in for a long time. Ultimately there are only so many fine examples of everything and so things tend to resurface and change hands. Part of the reason why collectors join forums and society's is to obviously discuss with like minded people but also to educate themselves to become an educated buyer, we all like to think that our knowledge scored us a deal or helped us to avoid a mistake or two. Buyers at the big auction houses are not always collectors in the space they just like the look of something or want to own a Warhol or a Japanese sword as so for them price sensitivity will not be the key factor. Michael I wouldn't know if those armours are direct from Japan, you must assume some pieces are direct from Japan as to which I don't know. There are a lot of papered armours in Europe.
  5. There are some wonderful items and the number of items allow for good comparisons of different smiths and styles across kabuto, mask and armours. The Wakisaka nimai-do gusoku is very interesting (the last photo above with the two interlocking circles) I understand there were 19 of these armours of which 7-8 are known, others here might be able to provide more detail. As you rightly say there are a couple of fine Juyo papered armours and a number of fine unpapered armours. The range and quality of wood carved maedate on a number of kabuto's (lots 6,8,10 & 11) is quite high and armours 46 and 52 also have excellent examples. These are harder and harder to find, the same with the flags as these tend to disintegrate over time, and so great to see them on armour. For me the metal work on the sode and dou of 49 is something I want to look at more closely only as I nearly bought it a while ago unseen for the dou, so I might end up lamenting that decision. Lot 70 is an interesting mask with hinged ears which i haven't seen before so special. I personally like variegated lacing and honkozane and so lots 46,47, and 53 appeal to me if money was no object. Lots of items - I am also planning a trip up to view.
  6. GN174

    Mempo dating

    thank you all, ,live and learn
  7. GN174

    Mempo information

    Posted in wrong section before
  8. GN174

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    Will do thank you
  9. I hope so would like to know just out of curiosity
  10. GN174

    Mempo information

    Its ok what period - modern?
  11. it will probably cost me £250 if I want to find out by buying it, auction is at other end of the country and so driving there to view is out of question.
  12. its in a local auction - that is all they have provided, wondered if it is worth a punt
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