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Cat-scratch Habaki

Bruce Pennington

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On the turtle i think it is damage. Someone tried to remove the habaki from a sword and hammered on it. Its sad.

The Turtle and the Horsedragon is the same habaki. The design is on each side.


Its the only Horsedragon i ever found. I see this creature not twice.

Or is it a Dragon with goat feet? :laughing:


In Bavaria we would say it looks like a "Wolperdinger"

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Wonder who, if it was a single craftsman or just a number of them, was etching mon into silver habaki (aluminum?).  They seem to have all the right lines, but no inner detail to make the art stand out.  This one, for example is the 3-bar in circle mon, but without some sort of texturing, either of the bars or of the spaces, it only looks like 6 lines.



Mon on Silver habaki.jpg

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Hit the lottery!!!  Had a wakizashi that is in shirasaya with wood habaki as a part of the shirasaya, so it didn’t have a real habaki.  Figured it should have one, but what are the odds I could find one and blade probably wasn’t going to be one of those that warranted a custom order new habaki?  I’m walking around the Chicago show and nothing was fitting when lo and behold I came across this copper habaki (amongst a huge batch) in the following pictures!!!  With some educated (and kind, patient) help, and few well placed taps with a mallet by a gentleman qualified to do so (not me!) and viola!!!!!!… a perfect fit!!!  Anyone want to guess at design. Stone work?




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