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Cat-scratch Habaki

Bruce Pennington

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Thanks, I didn't do it myself though. Someone was nice enough to make that for me. He said carving it was a pain because the .925 sterling that the lighter is made of is so much harder than the pure silver he's used to working with.

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3 hours ago, Toryu2020 said:

dragon and waves?


Thanks Thomas, I just learned something (from wikipedia): "Watatsumi 海神 "sea god" or Ryūjin 龍神 "dragon god" was the ruler of seas and oceans, and described as a dragon capable of changing into human form. He lived in the undersea Ryūgū-jō 龍宮城 "dragon palace castle", where he kept the magical tide jewels."

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22 minutes ago, Itomagoi said:

two more

Fabulous Peter, thanks!


I"m a butterfly buff from way back, so I got to wondering about the image on that second one and tried looking up Japanese butterflies and moths, but couldn't find one like it.  What I did find, though, was this strikingly similar image on pintrest:



I tried a brief search to see if the pattern had significance, but no luck so far.  It was an interesting read on the meaning of butterflies to Japanese culture, though.  Lots of love stuff, and womanhood stuff, but the one that caught my attention was the idea that butterflies carry the souls of the dead.  Another was that samurai clan often used them in their mon, and on their banners.

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