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Weapon and militaria auction - some Japanese items

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Hi, noticed that there were a somewhat local auction here in Sweden. Variarity of items... Firearms - to repro to antiques.


Depending on price - I will possible put a bid on a Yari or Naginata but most likely not since they need a lot of love and quality is possible not there for any cost of love. 




Item 2191257 - Japanese? War horn - never seen one before. 




Item 2193177- Waki - In better condition that most of the other nihonto in the collection. 




Item 2148444 - Armor set - akward eyes




Item 2150542 - Waki - high sori shape?




Item 2204716 - Armor set 




Item 2205164 - Waki - hmmmm



Item 2205200 - Waki - iron fittings - higo?




Item 2207030 - Naginata





Item 2205342 - Naginata 




Item 2207122 - Yari - Possible decorative against a wall :P - Tri edged?




Item 2207177 - Yari - Decorative against a wall :P








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Re the Triton 法螺貝 Horagai (often just called a ‘conch’ in the West)

That is a small example. I’d recommend waiting for a bigger one, or use this one for practice and then trade upwards to the real McCoy. You’ll find the female shells tend to be lighter in the hand. A big male Horagai shell is quite hefty.

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Dear Bjorn.


Interesting assembly.  You are right, the first wakizashi is in the best condition though it doesn't look to be in great polish.  The two naginata are, in my opinion, clearly wakizashi blades re mounted, not much to g on but the signed one might be interesting.  The jumonji yari is interesting becasue it didn't start life as a jumonji, the tip is a sasaho yari and the lower bars appear to be an addition, in other words a separate component through which the tang of the yari passes.  The Higo mounted sword is attractive but they don't illustrate the nakago so who knows what you will find but you are certainly going to have to add the cost of a polish to that one.  The sankaku yari seems OK but again it's going to need a polish and if you are not within driving distance to collect posting them can be a real problem!


Do let us know how this works out for you.


All the best.

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Just to add to the information about the jumonji yari, I thought I had seen the feature somewhere and find that, of course, the Knutsens book illustrates several naming them Uekama jumonji yari.


All the best.

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I got the Jumonji, I found it interesting and different to my regular ones. Thanks for the name, I didn't know. Mei Harima no kami Minamoto Shigetsugu

Piers, I got the Horagai as well, do know why, I already have a nice big one. I blame my auction trigger finger.



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