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NBTHK Tsuba publication June 2014

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At last year's NBTHK weekend, (the same weekend as the DTI) there was a magnificent collection of Tsuba brought together in one room at the HQ, and there were many voices requesting a photographic publication to take advantage of that singular chance.


It seems that just such a book has now been printed in a limited run of 1,000 copies. "鉄鐔 Iron Tsuba, The Works of the Exhibition: Kurogane no Hana". 30 June 2014. They will be 2,500 yen each I believe.Whether it has actually officially gone on sale yet, I am not sure, but I had a quick look at a copy yesterday and placed an order, well, sort of raised my hand eagerly.


It seems to have good representative examples of various schools (Nobuie, Kaneie etc.) not normally seen in public. Since many of the requests were from overseas members, the whole book is done fully in both Japanese and English.


Ordering may be a problem as they will probably use fax and telephone, with payment to be wired. (Our members here are working on a bulk order to facilitate the process.)



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Whoah! Hold your horses!


My fault for the way I expressed myself above, for which I apologize. :bowdown:


To clarify, the local members of our sword society here in the backwoods of Japan are contemplating a bulk order. As I said in the first post, I do not know if or when these are going on sale if they have not already, I am not sure what the exact price will be, although 2,500 yen is rumored, and I was warned that the ordering process may be old-fashioned fax/phone-type clunky. :|

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Hi Piers D.,


Thanks for the notice. I would like a copy. I am a member of the NBTHK and will contact the leadership of American Branch of the NBTHK to ask if a bulk purchase of this book will be made by the branch.

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Would love a copy or two, having hear much about the exhibit.

But not a member of the NBTHK. Look forward to buying it at some point.


Thank you for letting us know it may be available soon.

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Had another quick flick through it last night at the sword meeting. The English is not as good as it could be, sadly.


Why in this day and age, could they not spend the extra time to get a native English speaker/writer to proofread it? :|


Still, better with English than without. :clap:

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Why in this day and age, could they not spend the extra time to get a native English speaker/writer to proofread it? :|


This is weird. I was asked to do the translation AND it was of course proof-read by a native English speaker/writer! This was back in April so I fear, for whatever reason, they were messing around with the files I sent them. :?:


Would you mind sending me a scan or two to markus.sesko@gmail.com to check that Piers?


And if they really did mess-up my PROOFED translation, I don´t want to have my name on it any longer (if it is mentioned at all). :bang:

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Markus. The only copy I have seen belongs to a friend. I will try and get round

there tomorrow. A bit drunk on Saturday night when I flicked thru it the second

time, but there was only one non-Japanese name in the credits, a collector with

a name I did not recognize. Watch this space. Not really wanting to rock the boat

either on the Japanese or Western side here. Will get that scan for you.

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Speaking of the devil...


Mailman just came by and brought me a copy of the catalogue the NBTHK

sent me for my own reference. Indeed, they edited the foreword I gave them.

Also I learned that they had (and don´t ask me why) another person to translate

all the descriptions of the different schools and artists and the glossary. (Maybe

they decided at a later point in time to add these sections.)


I did as mentioned the foreword, the descriptions of the tsuba, and the list

of works at the very end of the catalogue. Well, I will go through the descriptions

on a random basis and check if my translation was edited too.


But apart from that, nice catalogue and for that price a must have!

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Markus, do you happen to have any idea of the general availability of the catalogue? That is, when you were contracted to translate it, was it made known to you what the intended distribution/availability would be? It seems that the effort to have the book translated would suggest an intention to have it be relatively widely available. Thanks.





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I am in touch with the NBTHK at the moment and thinking of having a bunch of copies

sent here and to my US address where I will be in a couple of weeks till October.

How many would like to have a copy? Price is 2500 Yen for the catalogue, i.e. about 25 USD.

As I am going to pay for the catalogues + shipping in advance, it would really appreciate

if those getting in touch with me are actually buying the catalogue upon arrival. :D


So be prepared for a total of about 40 USD what includes the shipping from Japan to Europe

and the US and the shipping and handling from there to your place.

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I can prepay my two copies if you want and just wait when you have them and are ready to ship. I think that would be a tremendous service and a favour you are doing. A lot of hassle, etc. Just tell me what to do, I can send you email. I think others would be also happy to pre-pay.

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@Stephen: Yes, PayPal will be fine and is probably the easiest way to pay.


To all: Will get back in touch with the NBTHK tomorrow Friday or Monday to

reserve enough copies until we know how many we are.

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Hi Markus

I'd like a copy

As you did the original translation is it possible to add your notes/translation to the catalogue?

Maybe as a download

I have no problem with an extra cost but I would be more comfortable with your descriptions



Grev UK

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