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  1. Lots to consider within this interesting Tsuba. The fill-in on the seppa dai was an education. I kind of like these windows for the gunto catch, though, indicating further practical use at a different time-frame in history. The dragons are fascinatingly sinuous. Among the thoughts that bubble up are: whether that is the Buddhist wheel of the law, and have the blades lost their zogan, and why are the seppa dai completely different shapes?
  2. First advice from me is not to rush anything. These Kabuto are not in a hurry to go anywhere, so move when you have a clear picture in your mind. You have the option of doing nothing to the Kabuto (many collectors like them showing their age) or simply stabilizing the peeling areas, but I would start to look around for a spare set of shikoro of the right size. This will not happen immediately, unless you are very lucky! In that spirit, good luck!
  3. Agreed. A very useful general word, used for those bands holding Teppo barrels to stocks too.
  4. Just ran some searches with different word combinations. According to this one, Peter, they have called it a 筒金Tsutsu-gane, or cylindrical metal fitting. https://www.katanayasan.com/tousougu.meisho.html
  5. Whoever buys them will have to attempt a restoration with some secret mixture, or with Gun Blue, Gun Brown, etc.
  6. Bugyotsuji

    Tsuba Kantei Fun

    Strange, still works for me on my pc and smart phone. Get a page like this:
  7. The barrel should look dark brown or black. It could be black rust, or it may still carry an original coating of some kind. If it is covered in active red rust, then that should be tamed. A bright shiny barrel is one that has been stripped of any protection.
  8. Thank you for your thoughts Jean. The only comment I can add is that the lead inserts do seem to have a natural patina, which on lead is said to be hard to fake.
  9. That’s what I thought at first, Rich, but look at these: https://www.google.co.jp/search?q=ヘチマ葉っぱ&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwiaw8KlzKjxAhVLAKYKHVR8A18Q2-cCegQIABAC&oq=hechima葉っぱ&gs_lcp=ChJtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1pbWcQARgAMggIABAEECUQIDIFCAAQzQIyCAgAEAQQJRAgOgIIADoGCAAQChAYOgQIABADOgYIABAHEB46BAgeEApQ6JcEWNu4BGD5ywRoAHAAeACAAdABiAGrDZIBBTIuOC4ymAEAoAEBwAEB&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-img&ei=b3TQYNrPN8uAmAXU-I34BQ&bih=715&biw=414&client=safari&prmd=imsvn&hl=ja-jp#imgrc=u6eQfCeJFvMboM
  10. Mmmm.... 瓢箪 Hyōtan, 糸瓜 Hechima, etc., yes, good idea, Pietro. Thanks. PS And that might just explain the leaf!
  11. Recently I bought this iron sukashi tsuba on a whim, but later I began to wonder about the writing on the box. 遠見松 ‘Far-away Pines’. (Although it mentions papers, these were not attached.) My first inclination is to assume that the box and description are simply random partners. What do those designs conjure up? And what leaf is that bottom left, I wonder? Certainly not Matsu. 7.6 x 7.6 cm, 0.5 cm thick. Lead(?) filled 2 Hitsu-ana.
  12. Bugyotsuji

    Tsuba Kantei Fun

    https://funbid.com.hk/yahoojp/auctions/item.php?aID=g512290548 Description: Famed Higo work! Nishigaki Kanshiro, Nihiki Hana Kiri no Zu 肥後の名品! 西垣勘四郎 二引花桐図
  13. Bugyotsuji

    Mei menpo

    Good work guys. 79 is a ripe old age to be fashioning metal!!!
  14. Yes, thank you, and the date looks like… April 1943 昭和十八年4月?
  15. Unfortunately these go round and round in the marketplace, muddying the picture. Personally I find them annoying, because I cannot see what purpose they serve, except as proof of ignorance and someone’s desire to deceive. On Tuesday at an antiques fair I saw two fake Ōzutsu matchlocks. Who makes these things?
  16. Ammad. The name on the Nakago (tang) is 兼宗 Kanemune. The long inscription is a date 昭和 Showa 10? ...something? but you'll need to show different angled shots to bring it up clearly. Section by section would be OK. (Don't try to clean off the rust any more.)
  17. Slow and steady wins the race. Phew! Well done to the old creaky mailing system! New home. All's well that ends well. Thanks guys for hanging in there!
  18. 2380 reads 来國久 Rai Kunihisa
  19. That knotty mess would have carried on like that in a dusty back corner for years. It sounds as if it is getting the right kind of attention now, even if you only find 25~ 50% of the answers that you want. This can only be a good thing. Fresh eyes and bright ideas. Many thanks for your attention, beyond the call of duty.
  20. Half of a Mei? Can't see any hamon in the blade, and it looks acid etched. Are you wanting to buy this? Would being cobbled up in Japan raise its desirability over a China job?
  21. Difficult to see the fittings. Are you asking about the blade?
  22. Either that or something has been seriously cut down and reshaped.
  23. Good luck. PS No. 1 has English translation incl. too.
  24. It's described as a two-piece Futa-tokoromono, not as a three-piece or Mi-tokoromono set. Does anyone know what 赤文 refers to?
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