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  1. If that Mei is correct, there were at least two Ō-shū Jū Tsunafusa, in Keichō and Kanbun.
  2. A little birdie told me they are running late with that last Shinsa.
  3. Yes, I think so. The ‘Ken’ 劍 shape attracted me. Not sure what to call the aperture, which are often inomé. Daruma???
  4. Came across this recently and was preparing to buy when someone else bought it. Had to pull a few strings to enable the ‘correct’ sale to take place! Nearly 14 cm long.
  5. Please let us know what you discover, Gary. There seems to be plenty on offer to examine.
  6. That was my feeling about the writing too. Some kind of four-character per line verse, Chinese originally, but written in a funky Japanese hand. Not confident enough to say anything, I kept schtum. As to the pistol itself, certainly unusual, but I objected to some of the seller's wording. My immediate feeling is that the wooden stock and butt look 'new'. The barrel could well be original, but just that one side view is not enough for me to judge.
  7. Hey Ron, I sent you an email a good while back, but I figured you had maybe changed addresses. It is so good to hear from you. You really had me worried. Take good care of yourself, and good luck with the sales! Piers
  8. Agreed. Love Katchimushi, and the style of your particular tsuba. The dragonfly head is too small for a Kogai-ana, but somehow reminiscent.
  9. Bugyotsuji

    Suke Kani

    https://www.touken-sato.com/event/katana/2012/04/K-kobizen_sukekane-01.html Sukekane 助包
  10. Looks like 肥後 Higo from here…?
  11. Just trying to help you, and people possibly wanting to let one go! Or are you saying any style is fine?
  12. Mark, very important. Thanks for the reminder. I cannot forget now!!!
  13. I was going to post this in Edo Period Corner Part II, but a message popped up saying the topic is old, so would I consider starting a new thread, unless it was particularly relevant. My fault I guess for not refreshing it. Yesterday the news arrived that all further regional live appearances in 2021 have been cancelled for our matchlock troop. "Even the annual purification event at Kibitsu Hiko Jinja?" I asked. (See last autumn's posts and videos.) "Yes, that too, everything!" came the answer. "Anything that draws crowds is out, under the extended state of emergency." "Ah" I replied sadly, thinking of the heap of armour where I last took it off back in April, still needing an excuse for sorting out and hanging up. Today, however, the message came through that Kibitsu Hiko Jinja now require our presence in their Autumn 神事 'Shinji' Shrine Dedication Ceremony, which will be going ahead, together I guess with the Tameshigiri and Yabusame peformances. If it is the same as last year, it will be a private shrine service for small numbers with no crowds. About half the day is taken up with blessings and prayers at various portable altars set up here and there. Anyway, this will be an excuse to air the armour in preparation, and to clean and prime the guns. I know those invited will be thinking of which helmet, which maedate, which cuirass, which sword or tanto etc., to wear for the occasion. Compilation from last year taken from the shrine's home page. https://www.kibitsuhiko.or.jp/event.html
  14. As Matt says above. You are as close to 100% on the reading as anyone has ever been on this site.
  15. Mick, can you give some idea of what you are visualizing?
  16. Ah, from 5:20, yes!!! I must have fallen asleep around there…
  17. Watched Ken Kata’s linked video for 30 minutes all in Japanese but could not see anything directly related. Was this the wrong video, perhaps? Anyway someone told me that there should be light, a hole at the foldover as if you could insert a pin or a toothpick right through it.
  18. Many thanks, Steve. That definitely makes sense!
  19. Pair of shokudai candle stands. Can anyone help on the date please? Ssshhh… There seems to be a name(?) blacked out bottom right which can be seen at a certain angle! Many thanks in advance!
  20. Yes, a weight is a possibility, the lead being added internally to adjust to an exact weight.
  21. Bugyotsuji

    What is this?

    Brian, the answer could be yes, real McCoy, but exactly ‘what, why and when’ may need more detailed photos from different angles underneath, and a report on its weight. Try a magnet on the remains of the dragon too.
  22. Bugyotsuji

    What is this?

    Üwé, just to make things more difficult, I do have a jingasa with such a Kasa jirushi no Kan. Note the word ‘Kasa’ though, which denotes a lighter lid or cover or umbrella for the head from rain or sun. These unfair crossover artefacts do continue to make life troublesome.
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