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  1. Thanks guys. I think we are getting close to the facts. I will pass on your advice and thoughts. If he does go ahead and sell it, at least fore warned is fore armed.
  2. Thanks Colin. Well, there were these two shots in the mix but they were mostly of the Koshiraé even though I had specifically asked for close shots of the Nakago, and he had then paid to get these done professionally.
  3. These were sent to me today by a third party photographer.
  4. Wow, that IS unusual, Dale. Talk about 3-dimensional!!!
  5. What are the measurements of this knife? Could it have been for opening shellfish?
  6. Many years ago I took a metal detector to Japan, with very disappointing results.
  7. Often swords and other old weapons were buried (in shrines etc.) and after the war dug up again. In most cases however, the damage caused beneath the ground was extensive, even after a few short years. We had a thread on this same subject some years back, no?
  8. Not having consciously seen a naginata-bukuro before, I cannot say, but it has to be a possibility. Most of the gun bags I have seen, like your nice examples Anthony, tend to have less flare overall, with a slit at the side at the wider end.
  9. Riv and Colin. Thanks guys. That fits generally with the messages I passed back up the line. I have not seen the blade myself. These WhatsApp photos are the second round, the ‘good’ ones I was sent after complaining about the first set. None of the Nakago shots told me anything but the one above was probably the best. PS I’ll prompt him for a better shot or two. The problem is he was shooting blind, not knowing what to focus on.
  10. This Tantō has a Shibayama style Koshiraé but what about the blade? It looks to be Shōbu-zukuri but I cannot make out if there is a Mei or not. There is a date (museum?) sticker ‘10.4.97’ which the owner thinks indicates 1897 as that is how long it has been in his family.
  11. It’s a good length. I’ve not seen one that shape before, but they are certainly not a commonly found item.
  12. Here’s a better shot for the 50 Monmé rest, to which I have added leather pads. This is not a ‘typical’ style (a little tall) but I was glad to have found it.
  13. 15 Monmé in foreground. 50 Monmé behind.
  14. Not here with me now, and I have not consciously taken photos of stands, just incidentally. Most stands were upright, of course, but you do see horizontal ones for heavier guns. (Just now looking through photo albums…) 30 Monmé for example
  15. Just looking for some of my Namban images… 1. 2. Amber inserts, silver fukurin 3. Fishes 4.
  16. Fukuro (bag) changes to “-bukuro” in a compound word such as Tebukuro (glove). What are the measurements on that, Gary?
  17. One like Dale’s above has been kicking around the house here.
  18. The blade was being handed over *while I was there, Ken. As I recall it was someone who was willing to try anything to ‘improve’ the look of an otherwise decent blade. I never saw the result. *I wanted the laser micro-welder guy to replace a missing upright on a kabuto. One of two parallel prongs for a Maédaté had broken off. I sourced a piece of old period iron from Osafuné and had it shaped and fitted.
  19. Spaced out. Kagi and Hōju, 8.5 x 8.4 x 0.5 cm Iron, kakumimi, tekkotsu.
  20. A couple of years back I met a guy who does this micro laser welding and he had been asked to repair a hagiré.
  21. Recently I let go of several blades, keeping only the three that I liked best. My favorite… I cannot decide. 1. Wakizashi in formal Koshiraé that looks to be by Yosozaémon Sukesada. Late Muromachi, early 1500s(?). Wonderful hamon. NBTHK were only willing to paper it to Sue Bizen Sukesada. 2. Tantō in formal Koshiraé signed by the seventh Daté Daimyō of Uwajima. Refined suguha. Late Edo. Papered. 3. Tantō in black and silver Inaba Koshiraé by Sukekané. Lovely hamon. End of Edo. Papered. An unusual Shinshin-Tō osoraku-zukuri ‘Tantō’ (Chigo Tō/zashi) came along by Shimada Tadayoshi 忠義 but I have not decided whether it will be a keeper or not. It may be going on loan to Shizuoka later this year I have heard. There is a large 104 cm dedication Ōdachi blade by him in the Sengen (Asama) Jinja. But then I have never been able to afford anything truly great or mainstream!
  22. Tsukurō and Kujūrō seem to be common ways to read 九十郎 This is one style of Kunitomo long gun that was popular in the Edo Period, with that decorative lock plate. The flat butt cut-off suggests there may be some connection with Tazuké Ryū school of gunnery, but the rest of the gun does not really support that. Someone else posted a similar one recently. There must be a story behind these that needs investigating.
  23. I've not seen a signature split like that before but I can see the reason for it. Late Edo at the earliest sounds about right. How would a seppa sit onto that design? (Nice design by the way) Could the Mei be 定平 Sadahira (or 次平 Tsuguhira), I wonder?
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