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  1. The more you look at it, the better it gets. It seems to have characteristics from other schools
  2. Yes both repros. I've seen the first one before and it is a nice tsuba. I don't think the price is too far off but I'd double check it is authentic
  3. Attributed to Myochin circa 1750
  4. I've never given my skull tsuba a price as it is a keeper and it did take me ages to find I can post an image if you like
  5. I think it is more about being flatter/thinner denoting an older tsuba as the kozuka did not have a high profile
  6. This was one ~I sold some time ago You can see how thin the patina is
  7. I had a similar tsuba that was 'Nagoya' with a dragon curled around the mimi Not a good as yours with a very thin patina although the dragon was quite good but quite late Not much information and not very applicable so see how adds to this post
  8. Wonderful. Interesting reading from the previous post I'm amazed how difficult some of these are but this is my observation from some who has problems reading his own hand writing
  9. Would someone please translate this F/K box for me?
  10. Sure this has been raised before From what I can remember it not too many swords were tested so not really representative Saying that I'm happy one of my swords has the highest ranking in this classification. A bit braggy it is all aspects of the sword that combine to make a great sword I also think the methods were also posted which had a lot of info
  11. Hi Gary. This was the one I was going to buy. I checked it out and the next day it had been sold. Good for you.
  12. No weight but due to the size they have to be close. Museum info is usually a bit dodgy anyway
  13. Was there any more info on the Met museum? Mine is: 8.3 x 8.3 x 0.55 cm It is also about 0.3 cm concave
  14. Two great results - thanks A quick search of the Akasaka tsuba but I can't see the design and the relationship to the book Curran it is 72 x 71 x 7.2mm and is papered
  15. I'd seen this (Rimbo - Buddhist Wheel of Law) before and I have a much simpler version While I'm doing well what about this Akasaka tsuba?
  16. Hi I've just bought this tsuba and I wondered about the theme I do have some tsuba that I've no idea about theme I wondered if it was from a sketch, an idea or just made it up as he went Maybe he started then kept making additions A tenuous thought was this a ring of beads
  17. Just a note Although I've not sold many of my books I was nicely surprised to see where they had gone and are shown below? America, Arabia, Australia, Belgium, Britain, China, France, Holland, Ireland Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa and Sweden I get the odd PM and this was a nice one about my book sale: "I just thought I'd let you know that we are presently about 1250 miles from home on holiday with our daughter and family up in Queensland and one of the books I brought with me is yours on the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery Tsuba Collection. I point it out because my eyesight is now less than O.K and your book's illustrations are a big plus, so thanks for that." And finally a sample from my for sale tsuba. No T070
  18. Mine took 4 years to translate so keep at it. A lot of help from the NMB members who supplied small pieces at a time and finally completed by Marcus S
  19. That is a good tiger so many look a bit anaemic.
  20. All of them gimei? Some look OK
  21. This is what we all dream about!
  22. The only one I know of with this mimi is Kyoto school c1650 but it is larger at 86 x 86 x 5.5mm
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