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  1. Hi Ronald I think your last post is very fair. When I've sold some items I've had the same response and it looks a legitimate request for info but only a time waster who after a few emails showing interest suddenly stops all contact Most sales work well with first come first served
  2. This was my tsuba that is similar in style to yours
  3. A lot to be learned from Mike in how to tell the truth without mocking the seller If the owner but this on the NMB I suspect it would be like throwing in a grenade and stepping back!
  4. I was too quick to reply but normally when I see a tsuba request it has been answered multiple times and it was late at night I'll be more careful next time and put my specs on
  5. As you say it looks later There is a Bushu Yoshiro but a better match for style is Choshu Yoshiro Haynes H11577.0 Needs verifying with Wakayama or Kinko Meiko for example. By the time I've check some will come back with an answer
  6. kissakai

    Tsuba Material

    I have a similar one to Bob so interested in these replies
  7. I though Markus no longer did translation I have used his services before and I hope I'm wrong
  8. Omi Daito 3rd gen but nothing much on the cert If you think about Yamakichibei going for shinsa and only coming back with name any yes if gimei the papers would say so
  9. I have one with a similar palette, Aizu Shoami
  10. Will shinsa you you all you wish? They can be lacking in detail My sword came back as Tadayoshi but no generation which was annoying!
  11. I wonder how many 'dots' there are on tsuba 100?
  12. I'd be interested in any observations about the Bee kozuka
  13. Hi Jesse I've added the images you requested in the main post It is for the line on the right-hand side. I have had a good look and it doesn't look like damage but it is strange Also added an image of the reverse
  14. Peacock kozuka and kogai sold
  15. A few items for sale. I don't really know anything about these. The backs are plain and all unsigned Shipping £10.00 and Paypal fees 10_01 Kozuka Crayfish £50.00 10_10 Kozuka Bees £50.00 10_11 Kozuka Bird £85.00 10_12 Kozuka Peacock £85.00 12_01 Kogai Baku and Phoenix £125.00
  16. I was surprised when I ordered my book from from the Samurai Museum in Germany as it was subject to duty of around 20% I thought books/teaching aids were duty free! I have queried it but as yet no reply
  17. Thanks Michael for taking the time to post these images and to all the organizers who put on this show in the most trying of times
  18. There seems quite a few items for sale where there is no price I know this can be quite difficult at time but rules are rules I know the mods check this out but they shouldn't need to Is it possible to have a tick box which the seller has to tick before it can be posted or a post can be deleted if a price is not stated Going back to rules are rules: In the post this was quite rigid but over time it is sometimes being ignored and once exceptions are made they they become more common In a for sale post and I looking at an item for $100 or a $1,000? In the past if there has been multiple items for sale I would PM the seller and say for example I would like to buy more than one would you reduce the buy for a multiple purchase?
  19. Nice to know you commissioned this 'tiger' tsuba. I though it would be a Russian Oligarch Ditto to all the previous comments - The video must have been viewed so many times I think it was also an inspiration to all the new tsuba makers
  20. Hi Glen Kobushi-gata = fist shaped and Kawari-gata = irregular shape. So I would say if it is not fist shaped (kobushi gata) then it is kawari gata My tsuba example of a kobushi gata shape
  21. Isn't the shape of your tsuba Kobushi gata (fist shaped)?
  22. This is a bit like selecting a favorite music track for me this could change every day The problem I have with your collection is finding one I don't like I will have a look back over your previous posts but I can't see me coming up with a gold, silver and bronze What if I asked you which three tosogu you would take if the house was on fire I don't think you could give me an answer and would rather perish in the flames!!!!!!!!
  23. kissakai


    Thanks for your links and comments: When I asked about layering I wasn't too clear with my question On both examples I couldn't see any indication of layering through the side view of any ana so I thought the mokume was achieved thro etching and not layered I see what is meant by deceptive thinning and in part this is a true statement I put the raised side on a flat surface and looked at the gap which appears around 2mm so 1mm less than measures FYI
  24. kissakai


    Hi I'm looking again at my tsuba and I'd like to learn more about the techniques used so there will be more examples This one shows how high the form can be. The raised section is about 3mm higher than the general surface This seems a massive amount of up raising up from the the base. I'm sure this is not in two sections How easy would this be to achieve? Layering. Some tsuba were folded and some etched. Is there some general pointers to tell the difference between these types?
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