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What Else Do You Collect?


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Back in the 1950s my aunt gave me her stamp collection books from elderly relatives from the 1930s. Too young to appreciate properly, sadly. No idea what happened to them.


Since then I went through time-of-life phases of collecting old weapons, then coins, and then Japanese things such as Andon/Shokudai lamps, coins again, Netsuke, Tosogu, matchlocks and matchlock accessories (powder flasks and fire-lighting kits). Nothing really seriously, of course. It was more like these things sought a temporary home and collected themselves. :welcome:

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This is one of my problems....I collect a lot of things.  Original comic book art (https://www.comicartfans.com/galleryroom.asp?gsub=200036), old paperback book original art, Mark Twain 1st editions (I don't go for pure 1st printings as they get too pricey and they are the same books...just not the first off the press), bronze statues, antique political cartoon art, antique lithographs, other random 1st editions of books I enjoy, Uncle Sam art, Lady Justice art, Mark Twain/Lincoln busts and any bust by Robert Berks, certain graphic novels, Weird one but statues or medical models involving hands or eyes, scrimshaw but I've only come across one piece I felt was actual art rather than touristy, some folk art, antiques regarding John Law the Scottish financiers and gambler from the late 1700s, don't know why but Napolean III coins and really old theater tokens, Don Quixote statues and books, used to collect and still have lots of old video games but those got expensive so I moved on at least 12 years ago....there's more and I might start collecting something new tomorrow for all I know.









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I collect WWII patches but I'll snag whatever I come across and can afford. Being a 24 year old collector with a crappy job its hard to compete with some of the high dollar items. That's why I like patches. Its easy for them to go under the radar on eBay. Here's a peak into my room with some of my stuff.






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