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  1. Thank you so much Ray. Here is a screenshot of the promised support!
  2. Good day NMB, I am cataloguing all my gunto and I realized that I don't have a reliable translation for several of them! For each nakago successfully translated, I will donate $10USD to NMB. Here we go! Kai Gunto Kai Gunto "Type 3" Rinji Sekishi Type 98 with bonus tag
  3. I'm far from an expert but it looks like a a very legitimate kai gunto.
  4. Very interesting but in a different way than I was expecting!
  5. Looking forward to it. I enjoyed the adventure of the last one as you struggled with disassembly.
  6. If this is true, you have what looks like a very high quality, high condition Mantetsu with solid provenance. Wow. That is an incredible find.
  7. Above is correct except: Topmost sword is a kyu gunto. The fourth from the top is indeed Zoheito.
  8. Anecdotally, Covid has given me a lot more time to trawl forums and auctions. I suspect I'm not alone, so the new influx of buyers has reduced supply and inflated prices.
  9. With all respect to Marc, I believe his personal valuation is significantly lower than market price. That is his subjective opinion of value to him so it isn't wrong by any means. I believe you did well with the price. This is a nice bayonet. A little love and attention as detailed above will go a long way.
  10. I thought this was going to be a playoff-style bracket of NMB users who have posted pictures over the years incidentally showing their monstrous ape hands. I am disappointed.
  11. Good day NMB. I was hoping you could help me with the following: As the entire mei is not visible, perhaps someone far wiser than me can extrapolate? The blade is in Type 98 koshirae.
  12. Fair enough, thanks! I wasn't even sure if this rose to the level of translation assistance considering how tough the characters are to make out.
  13. Nice condition blade in shin gunto koshirae. The mei is obscured by the old corrosion. Is anyone able to decipher it? I've tried getting multiple angles with different lighting.
  14. Efficacy of Rust Preventatives on Carbon Steel 5x1 foot carbon steel rods will be left in an uncontrolled environment for a period of time (my garage, until I decide it's done). 4 will be treated with different rust preventatives and 1 will be left untreated. Before applying the rust preventative, all rods will be cleaned with Ballistol, scrubbed lightly to remove any pre-existing corrosion, and then cleaned again with mineral spirits to remove any remaining contaminants. Rods will be held vertically by a plank of wood. The specifications of the steel rods are as follows: Unpolished carbon steel 3/8"x1', 1018 alloy The rust preventatives to be used are as follows: CosmolineDirect RP-342 (https://www.cosmolinedirect.com/cosmoline-rp-342-heavy-spray-military-grade-rust-preventive/) Ballistol Universal Oil (https://ballistol.com/) Birchwood Casey RIG (https://www.birchwoodcasey.com/products/rig-universal-gun-grease-12-oz-jar.html) Choji Oil (Generic Amazon brand) All compounds will be applied as per the manufacturers instructions. At arbitrary intervals (whenever I decide to look), the rods will be examined for the appearance of rust/corrosion. At the conclusion of the experiment, all rods will be cleaned on their preservatives and compared for colour change and corrosion formation.
  15. I'm sorry you feel that way. I don't think seeking knowledge is ever a waste of time.
  16. That is absolutely true and is probably another nail in the coffin. I'm interested in testing the boundaries of what is "true". There are so many things that are true until they are not. When the experiment is finished, I can say "This is -confirmed- true because here are the pictures and here is the evidence." So far I have 3 first hand accounts of Cosmoline on Gunto blades: 2 say it did not stain and 1 says it does. I was hoping for unanimity. I absolutely would carry out a study of animal fat on Nihonto if I could get an appropriate, unsalvagable piece. Or cooking oil. Or anything. What if it's better? For what it's worth I'm not currently putting Cosmoline on any of my blades. They're all safely Choji oiled in the recommended way.
  17. Thank you for your response Dan! I would love a junker blade. Unfortunately the eBay Monkey is charging a premium for his junk In the mean time I've ordered carbon steel rods that will be stand-ins.
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