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  1. If it's still available, I'll take seconds please!
  2. Thank you. I agree, the blade is not looking good. The price I paid reflects this though. In a way, I like the corrosion, pitting, patina etc. on wartime items. It gives me a feeling of respect for the age of the thing.
  3. Good afternoon wise NMB. I come to you today after having spent many hours trawling these boards and others for answers. Please find below pictures of what I suspect is either: Zuohei-to (http://ohmura-study.net/206.html) Murata-to (http://ohmura-study.net/911.html) A reproduction I cannot make out anything on the nakago, as it is fairly corroded. The tsuba, seppa and fuchi all have a 3 digit number on them (140. If I saw this on a Japanese rifle I'd say it's an assembly number). Please share your thoughts, I would very much appreciate them! Please advise of any other/clearer pictures you'd like.
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