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My name is Grey Doffin, I live in northern Minnesota, USA, and I have a website dedicated to Nihonto and books on the subject:


I've been studying Japanese swords for nearly 40 years now and buying/selling for most all of them (I'm trying to lose my 1st million).  If you check my site today, in late 2020, you'll find a dozen or so swords and koshirae (with more to come soon), 150 to 200 sword fittings (tsuba, menuki, fuchi/kashira, etc), and a very large inventory of books on the subject.  I try to have reasonable prices and items to fit a variety of budgets.

I try also to be helpful.  If you're just getting started with Nihonto feel free to ask questions about any of my pieces; I'll tell you what I think I know.  This field can be daunting; there is so much to understand and ample opportunity to make mistakes.  If you come to me with a question, I will answer honestly.  Promise.

Not sure what all I'll do with this space on NMB.  As I get some time in the coming days I'll post highlights of some of the pieces on my site; beyond that we'll just have to wait and see.  Feel free to post here also; your comments are welcome.

If you want to contact me please use my email, not personal message on NMB.  Email is easier and I can keep track of our correspondence in folders on my computer.  Phone calls, if you live in The States, are fine also.

Thanks for stopping,  Grey  grey@japaneseswordbooksandtsuba.com     218-726-0395 central time

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Mr Doffin, Grey,

My name is Andrew(Anders) from Sweden.

Some years(many) ago i was in contact with You Mr Doffin ..Grey, regarding our common interest.

I do remember that with my payment a postcard from Sweden was enclosed. You and Your daughter was very happy as your daugter was working with Scandinavia as an object within here school.

I do not often write comments in public communties but i can really recommend mr Doffin..Grey.. as a very helplful and kind person within our common interest...Highely recommended.

All my best to You all and a Happy New Year 2021 !


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I have purchased many books from Grey, he is my go to guy for books. I purchased many tsuba from Grey, including my best tsuba. His descriptions are honest ones. They usually are exceeded by the item in hand - better than expected.

As a Director of the JSSUS, Grey coordinates our publications and at sword shows gives a talk on sword handling and etiquette. I am happy to count him among my friends. 

I see Grey often offering to help newbies. I encourage you to check out what he has to offer, I did today, I did yesterday and will tomorrow.

:thumbs: :thumbs:

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I have bought countless books and magazines from Grey. He is reliable, kind and reasonable. He is also very helpful - eg, once he checked a sword for me at a sword show I could not attend in person. Afterwards he sent me his views and commentary.
His prices and attitude are great and he is an asset to this community. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Grey. 

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Hi Grey,


I met you at the Atlanta sword show and attended your class as well as visited your table.  You are a very nice gentleman and care about sharing your knowledge with others.  It is people like you which give light to the world of nihonto.  This passion (nihonto) is fraught with grifters and money hungry individuals eager to seperate one from his money, you are not one of those.


I enjoyed talking to you and your class was wonderful.  BTW... I am loving the kanji cards I bought from you and yes you were right, it is coming together as I'm recognizing the signatures on my blades.  


Thank you for being an inspiration and the help you provide, I really hope to see you again.



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First, thank you for all those kind words.

This post is prompted by yet another thread started by a new collector who is wondering if he should buy some gawd awful & ugly unsigned wakizashi with bad kizu on ebay.  Beginners, I know you want to be the one to find a diamond in the rough and your natural inclination is to be wary of anyone who knows more than you do (us dealers) but you are doing yourselves no favors.  If you are just getting started you need guidance and you won't find that on ebay.  I am not the only dealer who claims to be honest here on the message board or with a website; there are more than a few of us you could safely approach.  If, however, you do come to me about a sword you're considering, I will tell you about any defect or shortcoming it may have and what it means to the value and answer any questions you may have and gently steer you in a sensible direction and I won't lie to you just to sell a sword.  And, as mentioned, there are others you can trust; it doesn't have to be me.  But please, leave ebay alone.  Take your business to someone who has nothing but his reputation.

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