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  1. Additional comment : The sugata is a text-book example of the Kanbun Shinto form. Very little sori and a short kissaki.
  2. Oops, ....the typo is my fault. Thank you . Sukemune ..... OK, thanks for your help. Maybe someone else with a different idea ?
  3. Hello, I need some help. This the nakago of a little tanto. In my opinion, a work from the Muromachi period. I can read the first three characters : Bishu Osa (fune ?) .......then that was it. No idea what the other characters might mean. Does anyone have any idea what the remaining characters should mean ?
  4. Don't get me wrong......does this koshirae have got papers ? If , yes did the paper say it is a momoyama period pice ? If , not.......... What make you think that this is a orginal from the momoyama period and not a koshirae in the "style " of the momoyama period? It was not so rare that in Shinto and Shin-Shinto times "old-style" koshira were made.
  5. @Jean C. Arthur Oskroba , in Poland is a professional sayashi ? Does he really get a full education and training in Japan from a licend teacher ?
  6. Search out for " Yamatorige". A very famous "Meito". You should also find some better pictures of the original........then you will understand. Manuel was faster.....
  7. Jacques, Thank you for your patience to explain your personal opinion to me.
  8. Thanks Barry , i was not sure if I understand correctly....
  9. My opinion......this is not a early work. The shape doesn't match. And also not a tachi , a katana seems more logical. Looking at the mei and the Hamon ...well, I go for work of Osafune Kiyomitsu . In middle to late Muromachi period you find more than 15 workshops with this signature. Very often they work in Suguha and sometimes they don't look bad at all. I have a Tanto from one of these Kiyomitsu and the quality of the workmanship is not bad, very similar to your katana.
  10. Tsuba arrived today, well packed and as always, it looks better in reality . It was very nice to do business with Christian .
  11. Hallo Herr Malterre,


    Was für einen Durchmesser hat das das "kyo zodiac tsuba" ?


    Mit freundlichen Grüßen 


    Dieter Kraft

  12. And don't forget the dealers and real " experts " with there opinions that this was a poor blade, worthless in there eyes........and absolutely gimei. Sorry, but I can't resist.🤣
  13. Congratulations, you lucky man hit the jackpot.
  14. To show what kind of cut was done. Karigane (wildgans in German)
  15. Correct ! He also write the book Nihon-Shinto-Shi.
  16. Sorry , but it is written in NIHON SHINSHINTO SHI (Markus Sesko) that he never temper "O" - Choji - midare in Ichimonji Style. I point out : O-Choji . Sometimes you see a Choji-midare with higher elements...(see the picture from the shin shinto taikan)....but this is not the O-Choji-midare from the Ichimonji school. @BIG For me is Markus correct with his Statement that Naotane never temper a O-Choji-midare in Ichimonji Style.........or can you show me a Naotane blade with a O-Choji-Midare Hamon ?
  17. What makes you think that the fuchi / kashira are Higo ?
  18. The award for idiot of the year goes to...........
  19. What i can see on the pictures is that the hamon end at the ha-machi ! It does not run into the nakago ! The nakago show the signs of a suriage , or better o-suriage ! If the Hamon is original to the suriage the hamon should run into the nakago! Sorry , I don't want to open a tin of worms here , but for me this is a old blade with a new yaki-ire , or better a saiha (rehardening) This is also a explanation for the unusual strong sori. If the man who make the saiha does not correct the shape of the old blade before the rehardening the sori become very strong like in this blade. It make no sense for me to give a kantei on saiha blade . This are just my two cent.......
  20. Get my tsuba today, well packed....everything went nice and smooth . It was a pleasure to do business with.
  21. And he is not the only one ! If there are buyers who pay for it ...........he did everything right. 👏
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