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  1. It this looks like Yamashiro no kami Kunikiyo(山城守国清). However, the kiku mon was misplaced in the wrong order. It should be curved at the other side of the tang.
  2. OfCourse. See this...The shortcomings of materials can be compensated by craftsmanship
  3. I beg to disagree with this statement. The signature is Sanjyou Munechika(三条宗近). The 1st gen Sanjyou Munechika is a very famous swordsmith in Heian era. However, this name was used by countless swordsmith of Sanjyou school from Heian era to Meiji era. Also, later gen Sanjyou Munechika did curve signature on the blade.
  4. 備州三原住正清作Bishu Mihara ju Masakiyo saku.
  5. - 圀秀作 弘化五年二月日(則重写) Kunihide - 日本刀の通信販売 明倫産業株式会社 (nipponto.co.jp) 上州安中住円龍子圀秀
  6. 三池住国忠作之miike ju kunitada saku kore(Made by Kunitada of Miike) 籠釣瓶kagoturube(This is the name of this sword) 平成二年七月吉日 lucky day, July 1990
  7. Many swordsmiths prefer to use old province name rather than use modern name.
  8. First one:服部正廣(Hattori Masahiro) Second one:Not 中國, but 越中國(Etsu-chuu no kuni). Can't recognize other words.
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