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  1. It this looks like Yamashiro no kami Kunikiyo(山城守国清). However, the kiku mon was misplaced in the wrong order. It should be curved at the other side of the tang.
  2. OfCourse. See this...The shortcomings of materials can be compensated by craftsmanship
  3. I beg to disagree with this statement. The signature is Sanjyou Munechika(三条宗近). The 1st gen Sanjyou Munechika is a very famous swordsmith in Heian era. However, this name was used by countless swordsmith of Sanjyou school from Heian era to Meiji era. Also, later gen Sanjyou Munechika did curve signature on the blade.
  4. 備州三原住正清作Bishu Mihara ju Masakiyo saku.
  5. - 圀秀作 弘化五年二月日(則重写) Kunihide - 日本刀の通信販売 明倫産業株式会社 (nipponto.co.jp) 上州安中住円龍子圀秀
  6. 三池住国忠作之miike ju kunitada saku kore(Made by Kunitada of Miike) 籠釣瓶kagoturube(This is the name of this sword) 平成二年七月吉日 lucky day, July 1990
  7. Many swordsmiths prefer to use old province name rather than use modern name.
  8. First one:服部正廣(Hattori Masahiro) Second one:Not 中國, but 越中國(Etsu-chuu no kuni). Can't recognize other words.
  9. This part it incorrect. 第十代 肥後宇土藩主-10th generation Lord of the Uto Domain in Higo 第十一代 肥後 熊本藩主-11th generation Lord of the Kumamoto Domain in Higo 細川斉護公– Lord Hosokawa Narimori Hosokawa Narimori was 10th generation Lord of the Uto Domain before 1826. After 1826, he inherited his uncle's domain and became the 11th generation Lord of the Kumamoto Domain. 細川藩家老 賜六千石 抱刀工鍛冶 - Chief retainer of the Hosokawa, received a fief yielding 6,000 koku of rice, official swordsmith Numata Naomune was chief retainer and official swordsmith of the Kumamoto Domain(in fact, swordsmith is his "part-time job", he is first and foremost a politician) There's no mention of anyone being invited or anything being ordered. And Fifth photo:古鞘破損書写 This is written because the old saya is broken
  10. Not sure how to translate word for word. This sword is a gift from Numata Naomune, the chief retainer and official swordsmith of Kumamoto Domain(received a fief yielding 6,000 koku of rice), to his lord Hosokawa Narimori, the 11th gen lord of Kumamoto Domain(also the 10th gen lord of Uto Domain). It seems that you get a sword once belonged to a daimyo!
  11. Looks like Sue Bizen to me. Also, It's a long shot, but it could be Taira-Takada.
  12. Muromachi period AD1489 Katana Signed Bishu Osafune Norimitsu備州長船則光with Koshirae and Sirasaya. Age: Blade: Muromachi period (AD. 1489) Tsuba: Edo period Mei: 備州長船則光(Bishu Osafune Norimitsu,Norimitsu of Osafune) 延徳元年八月日(Fiest year of Entoku, August. AD. 1489 August) Blade length: 52.4cm Blade is polished, and overall in good condition with normal signs of scars and stain. This is an antique made in hundreds of years ago. There are imperfections or blemishes due to aging. Please see the pictures for details. Price: $3300(Include shipping within the US) Reasonable offers accepted
  13. Edo period Large Matchlock Tanegashima/Teppo/Hinawaju Around 140 cm long, with 100 cm Long barrel. Overall in good condition, but can find some signs of scars and stain on the it. This is an antique made in hundreds of years ago, there are imperfections or damage due to aging. Not working properly until restored. Please see the pictures for details. Price: $2000/Each (include shipping cost within the U.S.) Reasonable offers accepted, please PM if interested.
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