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  1. Great information, thank you again.
  2. Thank you my friends for the input.
  3. Ray, what type of hamon a kotani Yasunori sword was know for?
  4. Hi, I need help in the translation of the following signature. Thank you, Antonio
  5. Bruce, My friend I do understand but this is a sword that I’m contemplating buying. The sword is posted on eBay if you want you can reach out to the seller for that information I’m sure he can provide you with that photograph.
  6. Hi, can anyone help with the translation for the following Mantetsu blade? Angel
  7. Christian, I do agree with you my friend is definitely the same blade.
  8. My friend, once again thank you so much.
  9. Hi, Need help in finding out the meaning and translation of this horimono. Thank you,
  10. Thank you again my friend for the feedback.
  11. Moriyama, Thank you for the information. It looks like being the same sword, amazing. Do you have more information regarding the sword smith, Shigetsuna? Regards, Antonio
  12. Brian, My friend, thank you for your reply. What warning signs you see! Regards,
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