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  1. A pristine Rick Barrett oroshigane katana. The polish is new as well as honoki shirasaya and solid silver habaki done by Josiah Boomershine . The nakago is immaculate and looks like it was finished this morning. Dimensions Nagasa 28.25 in 31.3 mm width at machi 23.2 mm width at yokote Kissaki 4.1cm Price: $7,995.00 including shipping
  2. Dan, thank you for the information but there is no stamp on the nakago. Regards,
  3. Outstanding my friend! Thank you again for your help.
  4. Hello, Can anyone tell me the translation for this Mei? Thanks
  5. Hi, I need help translating the following mei on a modern sword. Thank you Antonio
  6. Jake, Thank you for the pillows. They’re unique and of excellent quality. I am looking forward to doing more business with you in the future. Antonio
  7. Hi, Like to know your opinion on this Nagamitsu signature. Thank you
  8. Hello, Need translation for the mei and date on this gendaito. Thank you in advance. Antonio
  9. Hi, Can you provide the following dimensions; Motohaba and Sakihaba? Thank you
  10. I definitely can vouch for Edward excellent transaction!
  11. My friend I don’t have the sword with me right now.
  12. Hi, what is the nagasa?! Thank you
  13. My friends, back in February you help me with the translation for the sword smith name for this sword, Shigetsuna. Can you be able to translate the rest of the signature and date?! Someone mentioned me this sword was special order. Thank you Angel
  14. My friends I need some help translating this signature! Thank you
  15. I agree, thank you my friend.
  16. Guys, Thank you for all the feedback and I will try to get more photos today.
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