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  1. Hello Nihonto Members, [Pardon Any Ignorance I May Show... I Am Completely New To Japanese Swords] I recently was lucky enough to acquire what I thought was a basic Japanese Gunto from WW2 (Maybe a Type 98 I thought). The swords scabbard has seen better days and is in rough shape. The swords Tsuka shows signs of use and appears to be typical WW2. The Tsuba looks much older than the sword and is obviously not a typical commissioned guard. The actual blade seems to be in good condition (few spots but no serious issues, chips or dents) as well as it's been sitting in a box in a basement since it was brought back from WW2. After a couple days of having the sword I became more curious as to it's origins since the tsuba looked 100 years older than the rest of the sword. I thought maybe this was an older family blade and tsuba that was re-purposed for the Japanese military. I researched how to ID the sword and came to the conclusion I would have to remove the handle which was nerve wrecking but was really easy to do. My wife laughs at me but I always wear think rubber gloves when holding the sword. Anyways, I took some snapshots of the mei and researched the kanji online. After a bit of research I got lucky and found a similar sword which bare similar kanji which led to me finding more and more and more... examples. Basically I have, I think, a pretty typical but not rare Yokoyamo Sukesada. From what I have researched (and I know basically nothing on these topics) this region, Sukesada, produced a large quantity of swords many years ago. However, all of the similar swords I have seen online have a kanji for a clan (all being "Fujiwara"). My sword has a straight line of kanji with no clan marking. I think it reads "bi zen kuni yoko yama ko zuke dai jo suke sada". I took photos of the one side of tang. I was 95% sure I did not see any markings on the opposite side of the tang so I took no pictures (now I am questioning if there were markings on that side since I am not 100% sure). I also checked the tsuba for any markings but did not see any. Any information anyone might have as to the age or any other details of the blade and tsuba would be much appreciated. I took these photos with an iPhone (Sorry for the quality) but will snap more photos with my dslr if anyone would like more photos. Thanks for Your Time, Chris U.
  2. Talking to a retired Police officer in a bar in Cuzco,as ya do brought up the subject and of course he had a shin gunto trophy sword at home in London. That turned out to be a duff one but a great story all the same,today I get an email from an old friend with some pic's of what seems to be a decent Wakizashi. Owned by some old chap in the midlands who has been quoted a value of £600 by some dealer, the question to me is was this a decent price which I cannot answere as have been out of the market for quite a while. Looking at the poor pictures I would have guessed perhaps twice that?....your help on this would be appreciated.
  3. Good day all, I have a very nice 60cm koto wakizashi for sale. This shortened Tachi was polished by Bob Benson and what a success he made. Bob said that the nihonto was probably made by the Tegai Ryu. A new Habaki, Tsuka and saya were made. Tsuba, Menuki, fuchi and kashira are all antique. Although plain plum design, the tsuba has great bones. Bags for the tsuba and sword are also part of this package, as received from Bob. The price for the koto wakizashi will include shipping. Please contact me on tonboalan@gmail.com Thank you Alan
  4. I have recently acquired an old Wakizashi Blade confiscated at the end of WWII. The featured piece was one of 5 Salvaged from a pile of swords and other weapons at the Japanese surrender to the Pacific Fleet. As it happened the sailors were each given their pick of 5 and this was one of the five chosen by one such sailor. I have always had a passion for Japanese Fuedal history and the cultural that was developed around the Samurai Sword. Now I own a piece of such history and would like to learn more about where this piece fits in. I have attempted to translate the signature but with little success. the most I could determine was that it was from Yamato Province. I do not wish to sell it. I simply wish to increase my knowledge of it. It was reputed to belong to a Japanese officer but it seems to pre-date the war so I wonder if it is a family blade that was passed down. Can anyone help me to learn who might have made it and how old it is. It will help me decide whether to restore it for myself as a show piece or whether to have it proffessionally restored. https://imageshack.com/i/eyh75Mmwj https://imageshack.com/i/f0fSltdqj https://imageshack.com/i/f0ltUKJ4j https://imageshack.com/i/exX0cvcYj https://imageshack.com/i/pdj3I4tdj I can take other pics if necessary to clarify a particular image. It should be noted that I have done nothing to it. The first 2 pics were an attempt to enhance the images using contrast and various filters. The orange coloration seems to be wax or possibly crayon in another's attempt to decipher the writing of the signature. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  5. When I met the gentleman he had changed his mind about price and was sitting at $2,000 for the pair. Let me know if this is a wise decision, I can only afford to keep one more than likely.
  6. I have added a few pictures to help, the blade from the tip to the Habaki is 21" The sheath looks possibly military? Could be the wrong one altogether? I had someone look at it and they thought that is was one that was made for the war, but to me it looks older than that. Any help is appreciated! -S
  7. Henricksen collection is sellling a complete matching sword with paper work, also a collection of Fuchi- Kashira at the site below http://evanandjohn.com/
  8. Hello I was looking over a thread from back in 2007 and I saw a lot of good feed back for the identification of Mei on another wakizashi, and I am hoping I can perhaps inspire a new discussion about my most recent thrift store find.
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