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  1. Sllright guys i have learned my lesson today the hard way. I am glad that i made this terrible mistake with a gimei sword. Thanks everybody for your honest opinion.. And in the future i will let the blade just as it is. Geoffry
  2. Trust me guys the kissaki was in this form allready. There wasn't almost any hamon in the kissaki sir. And the blade is not reshaped at all sir. My friend took out some very tiny chips sir but the ones that were to big they were left in the cutting edge sir. And you can all have some comment on my friend because of the polishing but it is not possible only to judge from the pictures. If you had seen the blade in your hands and had seen it in realtime then you would believed me sir. Greets
  3. And it has to be finished with hazuya and jizuya finger stones sir.
  4. I know it is an amateur polish sir. But it looks a lot better then how it was before sir.
  5. Thank you sir. I will do that and post my pictures sir.
  6. Sorry but i can only upload 6.84 mb and that is just one picture guys. So i have only post the tang of the sword. Cheers
  7. Hello my name is Geoffry from Holland. I have bought this old signed blade years ago. It had some bends and it had lost a lot of steel at the cutting edge. I had noticed that it was signed on the side as they usually signed tachi swords. So i asked my friend to gave it a nice polish. And i have remounted it in a antique koshirae. So now i like to know who made the sword. So please help me out with this one. The blade is in total 83,5 cm long. I have uploaded two pictures of the blade before polishing. Best regards Geoffry.
  8. Hello i have post some new pics of the gunto koshirae sir. Best regards
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