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  1. One of these kogatana was made by a Mino smith around 1680. From all these signed blades, it is seems that there was a Mino tradition in kogatana forging (a school of kogatana forging) and this based on the way to cut the mei.
  2. I’ll try to picture the mei of the 3 tomorrow
  3. Johan, this is a must have book/ebook written by Markus Sesko: e Index of Japanese Swordsmiths. Btw, as soon as late 17th century, there were swordsmiths in Mino specialized in kogatana forging. I have 3 kogatana like yours in shirasaya. here is a sayagaki of one of them
  4. Christian, my old friend, this one is so bad that I take it. PM me the details😁
  5. Thanks guys for the analysis. It shows why NMB is invaluable.👍
  6. I knew it was going to sell in a twinkle of the eye👌👍🍺 Well done Neil.
  7. The main problem is as always the level of humidity to be kept in this « vault ». Lacquer saya need humidity, steel needs low humidity level. How do you cope with this problem, Jim?
  8. Take someone in Japan as my friends, Robert Hughes or Paul Martin to go through shinsa process. ABOVE ALL, STOP DREAMING Japanese AUTHORITIES CONFISCATING YOUR SWORD AS NATIONAL TREASURE. IT IS WISHFUL DREAMING. BTW, all the TJ in dealers’ vaults I mentionned are for sale.
  9. NBTHK holds shinsa only in Japan. You have to get first TH to go for Juyo and then Juyo to go for Tokubetsu Juyo. Each time it is 10% of TH blades which are good enough to try Juyo shinsa out of which 10% will pass. Same applies for going from Juyo to Tokubetsu Juyo. Japanese keeping blades is urban legend. NBTHK is an association and as an association delivers only appraisal certificates, they don’t buy or sell swords. Go to Japan and visit dealers. You’ll be surprised to see how many Tokubetsu Juyo blades are held in their vaults. It is not because a blade is published that it is a national treasure and worth million. your friend has to go through the different shinsa level to see what it is worth (as an Art object and not value) Yushu does not equal juyo because the selection criteria are not the same.
  10. I think Darcy had one for sale years ago for 50 k$.
  11. Impossible John, Tokubetsu Juyo does not exist in NTHK system. We are talking of NTHK American Shinsa. In NTHK system, the highest grades are granted only in Japan.
  12. Furthermore, there are fake mekugi ana to make the blade look older...
  13. Curious description as generally tanto don’t have shingane
  14. Den Tametsugu means just under Norishige, rather than Go Yoshihiro. I had a Juyo one and no doubt, the blade was close to Norishige but with subdued nioiguchi and less violent hada. Go died too young to have Tametsugu trained by him.
  15. Sorry Christian, gone with the wind🥲
  16. As is saying one of my friend, take tarts when they are flying. That’s the best flying tart I have seen for months. If not for years. I am very happy everybody let it pass. When Steve is offering something for sale, it is top. I got it in the mail this morning. What an iron!!!. sorry for you guys😂
  17. Clearly the seller expects a swap.
  18. Generally, companion sword for tachi were labelled kodachi (if not tanto) - length between 45 cm and 65cm. Kodachi can be considered as the wakizashi ancestor.
  19. Manuel, if no success with NMB, try facebook Tsuba collectors group, if not already done😊
  20. Congrats to Christian👏👌 Steve is a fantastic early iron tsuba collector and his tsuba are first rate.
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